Dealing with postponed wedding due to Coronavirus? Few tips and strategies to pull it off smartly.

Coronavirus has changed the situation around the world, overnight. This pandemic is affecting everyone’s life in different ways, globally. It is having an ever-increasing impact on people’s normal life. 

Businesses are shut, entrepreneurs are suffering losses, kids are out of their schools, the airports are empty, people are out of work and many of them are at home, sick are fighting with the virus.

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While the entire world is struggling with coronavirus right now, those who have organized their weddings in the coming months and were counting the days to their special day until they came to know that they have to postpone their wedding are now feeling uncertain with the thing that when their nuptials will take place.

Booked venues, vendors, outfits done and all set for the wedding a day and well prepared for everything and then this sudden outbreak and now you don’t know how to tackle the situation wisely??

Don’t worry here we have some time tips for you to go through this phase more smartly-

πŸ’—  Be patient with yourself, as postponing a wedding is an emotional thing:

Getting married is a mix of emotions, joy, anxiety and much more of stress and when suddenly the day for which you were waiting for get postponed, and one cannot imagine what kinda emotions arise.

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You have all the right to feel the disappointment and sadness, make sure to take all the time you need but then get back with much more patience and deal with it smartly together as a couple.

πŸ’—  Your wedding planner can make the process of postponing much easier:

The wedding planner must be the first person on the list to be contacted when delaying the event is fixed amid the big crisis. He will be able to review all your contracts with them and can even handle contacting everyone else on the list to move ahead with the cancellation.

If you don’t have a wedding planner then you have to move forward with calling the vendors and doing the needed amendments on your own, but make sure to go through the contracts before making the calls so as to understand what everyone’s cancellations policies say! 

πŸ’—  Inform your guests well on time: 

The way you inform your guests about the cancellation/postpone depends on how far you are from the wedding day like if the invitation and cards are already sent than making personal calls to everyone or sending a broadcast over the WhatsApp group could be the best possible way to inform everyone.

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And if the announcements are not made yet, here you need to make any formalities, the government has already done everything on your behalf!

πŸ’—  You can still get married on the day you were planning while maintaining social distancing:

If you still looking for the same date for your wedding then you may have to go ahead with little alterations. Instead of having a big fat wedding, have a small ceremony with your near and dear ones and get together with your partner and enjoy this quarantine period.

πŸ’—  Get yourself more involved with your partner digitally:

Make the most out of this extra time that you got before getting married. 
Find out the missed tiny things about him/her or may learn the things you missed being busy while preparing for the big day.

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Brides and grooms spend so much time, planning the day they walk down the aisle so that they don’t need to make any hassle at the last moment emotionally or financially, especially if they’ve spent a lot of money on their wedding plans but a global pandemic is not something to consider for keeping yourself prepared for.
But, it is also important for you to ensure that the health and well-being of your family and friends are safe.
So keep preparing and enjoying your courtship period for a bit a little longer.

Stay blessed, Stay engaged and Stay quarantined

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