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Ginger is the most traditional spice of the world that is widely used as a curative herb in both Indian ayurvedic and traditional Chinese healing methods.

Just a cup of ginger tea can vanish your many internal problems and start benefiting your body. Ginger has numerous advantages and many of them are unfamiliar. Other than arthritis and body ache it is used in the treatment of dementia, memory loss, and mental stress.

Commonly known as Adrak Ki Chai in India and loved by almost every country. According to a report by the UK Tea and Infusion organization, Britishers drink almost 60 billions cup of tea. They consume it in many forms like with milk, lemon, honey or just plain but they love the flavor of ginger tea.

According to the scientist working on research on ginger found that out of 100 compounds present in ginger, 50 are antioxidants that improve the focus, clarity and critical thinking of a person. Anti-inflammatory characteristics of gingers curtail depression, anxiety, brain fog, ADHD (attention difficulty, hyperactivity disorder) and Alzheimer's chronic issues. Curcumin, the most vital compound of ginger, also fights with neurodegenerative diseases and improves the activity of the brain.

We are sharing here the brain-boosting characteristics of Ginger tea and how it works like rocket fuel for our brain.

1. Protects the brain from damage

The brain uses a lot of oxygen and thus is susceptible to free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that are naturally generated through metabolism and can be caused by pollution, electronic device’s radiation, meat, oily food, stress or lack of sleep. But having a cup of ginger tea can form a safeguard of Glial cells and improves the mental health of the brain. Glial cells clean the toxins and prevents Alzheimer.

2. Stabilize the chemicals corresponds to depression

Depression can be caused due to the deficiency of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is known as your ‘happiness molecule’ that is required for positivity and dopamine is known as your ‘motivation molecule’ that increases your focus and creativity. Ginger increases the levels of both and relief from depression.

3. Treats memory loss

A bio-active compound of ginger enhances the level of acetylcholine. It increases the cognitive capacity of the brain and helps in memory retention and learning. Dried ginger supplements are also given to the sufferers of dementia and it improves their attention and memory.

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4. Controls the sugar level of the brain

You may never hear about the diabetes of the brain but, yes it exists. Gingerols are the antioxidants of the gingers that control the insulin level of the brain and keep the brain healthier for a longer time.

5. Combat migraine

The pain of migraine is terrible and the medications of the same can’t be taken with antidepressant pills as the combination is deadly. Pills also have some side effects but ginger treats migraines without any side effects. It is just like natural pill that distresses your brain faster.

Ginger is the panacea of all brain-related issues. It is a noncaffeinated energy drink and if you add a cup of ginger tea in your daily routine it alleviates the use of energy drinks like coffee, soda, and others and keeps you energetic throughout the day. If you want to try a new caffeinated drink that is going viral these days you should try Dalgona Coffee.

Comment below how you intake the ginger. Stayhealthy Stayfit 😊

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