Lockdown: A golden time for youth if used meticulously

Do you have time now? At the end of this lockdown if you don’t emerge with a better version of yourself then you never had lacked the time, you lacked the discipline.

The world has a larger percentage of young people and if this youth develops its skills, then it can anticipate a large number of opportunities in life that are waiting for them.

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In our busy schedule of normal working days we always used to complain that we don't have time to enhance our 'know-how' but, as we all are under quarantine due to COVID-19, now as we have plenty of time to increase our efficiencies we shouldn't spend it only on watching TV, Netflix and on other social media platforms.

Let's get the hang of some new knacks during this quarantine and try to make this period more productive for ourselves.

So, here are some suggestions you can try:

1. Learn new dance forms

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If you are at home and spending your whole day sitting ideally on your couch, then get alive buddy, it's the time to invest in your health. You learn new dance forms like kathak or any form you like the most. It will not only help you to stay fit and healthy & boost your immunity but also helps you to explore yourself as dance is the language of the soul.

2. Enhance your vocab

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Language is something that helps you to express yourself. So it would be obliged if you become acquainted with a proper set of words. This till then you are in lockdown let's get to increase your vocabulary. Learn 10-20 words a day so by the end of this quarantine you will end up having an adequate amount of vocab.

3. Learn about classical music 

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Music is something that is loved by almost anyone. One can learn classical music. It's not only soothing but also tones your voice at the same time. It increases your concentration and power to focus. You feel amazed by knowing that Indian classical music is also useful while meditating. 

4. Paint your emotions

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Do you remember? When you were in school or primary classes what you were used to drawing in your art classes. Then after growing up, you forget drawing or painting. Start the same thing, draw some simple figures then the complex one and have a basic idea of the subject.

5. Learn self-defense 

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Nobody likes to get hit by others. Moreover, if you are trained in it you will feel more confident then before. Especially if women develop the ability of self-defense she will not fear to explore the world and meet new people. 

6. Take some steps for your future goals

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Since childhood, you always dream to be in a good position in your future. It might be a doctor, painter, cricketer, actor, etc but many of you never research the journey to hit the goal. Now you have sufficient time to do R&D and decide the steps to reach the destination.

7. Learn pro cooking 

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It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. I think everybody should know at least basic cooking. Rather than this, cooking helps to beat the stress, to understand the taste of other cultures, you can cook according to your taste and spread love by surprising others by making their favorite dishes. 

So, this is a list from our side for you. If you have more ideas you can tell in the comments section. Stay safe, stay healthy in this quarantine and do give a try to the suggestions listed above and try the effective ideas while being quarantine at home and stay creative as family.

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This article provide lots of options for youth to develop their skills