Kori Kohi Coffee - the next big trend after Dalgona

Tried Dalgona??  If yes then there is the next 3 ingredient coffee to try trending that is Kori Kohi Coffee.

Originated from the farms of UCC, Hawaii. If you can whisk for 10-15 for Dalgona Coffee then this is the easiest one which you can try at home. This popular cafe-style coffee only requires instant coffee, warm milk, and hot water (sugar is optional) without any arm work like whisking.

Image Source: hungryhannah.com

Iced cubes of instant coffee cater to the taste of milky iced coffee. Iced cubes melt slowly in the presence of warm milk and taste just awesome. If you don't want a strong coffee you can add sugar syrup or chocolate syrup according to your taste. 

You just have to follow the following steps to taste the new trend. 

1. Stir 2-3 tablespoons of instant coffee in hot water. If you want brewed coffee then don't add sugar, otherwise, add sugar at this step. 

2. Let the above mixture cool down and then add it to the ice tray to make the cubes. Let it freeze all night. 

3. Fill your glass with the coffee ice cubes and pour warm milk over it and mix. You can add chocolate syrup.

So, here Kori Kohi is ready. You can replace milk with hot chocolate to get the taste of iced mocha. Thanks to the internet recipes that make our lockdown tastier. If you are bored from regular dishes then try some new easy go recipe.
Try it yourself and do let us know about your experience in the comment box.

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Shilpa bhati said…
Woww look nice.... I'll try to make this coffee✌️😍
Saket Kumar said…
Really good option for summers.