Jaw dropping facts about the seven beautiful sisters of North East India

The Seven Sisters of North East India refers to the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura. Everybody is aware of the fact that this part of India is one of the least-explored regions in the country and there are places like heaven which are still left to be discovered and explored.

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This article is all about the home of magnificent terrains, exotic flora and fauna, and diverse culture which will definitely leave you amazed. Everyone is aware of the places of North East like Majuli (largest river island in the world with life on it), Mausynram and Mawlynong (Asia’s cleanliest village) and also about the tea and Bhut Jolokia (hottest chili in the world) which belongs to this region yet there are many things which are still undervalued.

Here is a list of few facts about North East India which can certainly leave you fascinated on account of their magical appearance and serene beauty:

⦁ The Matriliny culture of Meghalaya

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Feminism debates are so common these days but here you will find something unique. Most of the tribes in Meghalaya follow the matrilineal tradition. The children here, instead of taking the father’s surname to take the surname of the mother, women in the family inherit the property and the groom goes to the bride’s house after marriage.

⦁ Rice Beer and Sai Mod

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The Tangkhul tribe in the east of Manipur is well known for the variety of rice beer and saai mod, also used as medicine sometimes. They drink it at funerals and celebrations, while working and playing, and should be said as when not and who not! 
There are the must try things by the visitors to get the real essence of the North East in India.

⦁ The Women’s Market: Ima Keithel

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A market runs exclusively by women in Imphal, India also known as Ima Market or Nupi Keithel. Meghalaya is a women-centric place where women have equal rights in making every decision whether marriage or business it is. This market belongs to women only where the managers and sellers all are women only.

⦁ Suwalkuchi: The Silk City/ The Manchester of Assam

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A village located on the northward bank of river Brahmaputra occupies an eminent position in preserving the heritage and culture of Assam and in managing the economy of Assam. Muga silk, Pat sill and Eri silk extracted from the silkworm in this village are famous for their quality. Unlike other silk industries, this industry has not got the required recognition yet.

⦁ No Dowry tradition since the beginning

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The most pleasant fact about this part of the country is that the entire Northeast is almost free of dowry.
From the very beginning, the practice of giving gifts or any of the dowry rituals was not prevalent here making the region proud of its unbiased beliefs and made it clear of social evils. In contrast, the bride is showered with all the gifts by the groom’s family.   

⦁ The black magic capital of India

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Mayong village - situated 40 km away from Guwahati near the Probitora Wildlife sanctuary, this little village of Mayong in Assam is quite popular for its black magic and witchcraft making it a popular tourist spot. When black magic is not accepted in any part of the world, this is the only village that not only accepts it but also celebrates it. The locals also celebrate a festival one of its kind, the Mayong-Pobitora, which celebrates the power of magic and wildlife.

⦁ Digboi: The oil city of Assam

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The first oil refinery of Asia was established in Digboi city of Assam in 1901. The city got its name from the Britishers who used to motivate the native laborers with “DIG BOY DIG” gradually turning into the name of the place as Digboi – the oil city of Assam which discovered the crude oil.

⦁ Tuloni Biya: Tradition of celebrating womanhood

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When a girl reaches puberty and has her first period, it is celebrated like a small wedding ritual in Assam. It is like celebrating her maturity and fertility where the whole locality takes part and shower their blessings and love on her. A reception for friends and relatives is also organized.

In Assam, the menstruation cycle of Goddess is also celebrated as the annual festival of Ambuvachi Mela. It is like celebrating the fertility of the earth and is one of the biggest fairs of the North East. The Maa Kamakhya temple remains closed for 3 days for her devotees as it is believed that during this period  Kamakhya Devi remains on her yearly menstruation cycle. Many siege and visitors come to join this festival.

These are some of the amazing facts about this beautiful region of India, for example, Kinnaur - the village of India. Whenever you plan your next trip, don’t miss this small heaven on earth and do visit these places, experience these facts yourself and capture the best travel photos with your smartphone.

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