The little girl of today, the procreator of tomorrow, who shapes the society – know her dreams, her desires

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Yes, I am a girl 
But I want to more than just being your some xyz!
Accept me for what I am, 
Whether elegant or clumsy, stupid or damn sexy
I just want my identity be my own!
I want my soul to spread its feathers,
My dreams to reach their destination,
Just before they catch the fire of your judgments!
I want respect for whatsoever little I am,
A homemaker or an entrepreneur, 
Let it be all my choice!!

Ohhh!! I forgot to introduce myself…
I am the inner voice of every girl. Yes, yes you heard it right you will find me inside everyone.

Commonly, you ignore me intentionally or maybe non-intentionally. Sometimes, people listen and don’t care and sometimes, I don’t even exist for them! I usually don’t let myself raise a voice but today I want to share what I feel like some days or should I say most often!

So here we go…
While passing all the phases of life, there was a flood of emotions and thoughts that I needed to handle! I tried to keep myself calm in the chaos, happy when I was sad, cheered people around me when I wanted to cry out loudly and did everything that made things a bit more difficult for me. 

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As a child when my thoughts were unbiased and brutal, always saying the truth, I was told to keep my mouth shut as most of the people couldn’t handle it but I wanted to roar like a fierce lion but kept quiet! Here I learned the art of keeping quiet no matter what.

As I grew up, I had my dreams but I started putting my efforts to spread my wings in the open sky but wait wait how could I??

Your (society) approval was still pending and here it goes, like all the other good things about me, it got destroyed. BOOM!!

I had a voice but this time, I refused to speak.

And this continued…from teenage to old-age. I accepted all roles of my life happily-

➤  Daughter
➤  Sister
➤  Wife
➤  Mother
➤  Grandmother
➤  Friend

But none of them ever accepted me or should I say heard me!!

This is a general story of all the women around us who want to achieve great things in life but due to some or other reasons they couldn’t.

And here is a list of some common answers we received when we asked different females about their desires, want and wishes-  

“Women wish to make decisions about their life themselves.” 

  One of the women replied – “I have a certain list which might be irrelevant for you but I would love to share
  • I want a listening ear.
  • I want to feel being understood.
  • Lots of photos not for Fb or other social sites but for creating memories.
  • To shop as per my wish,
  • A peaceful life without any judgments being passed on.
  • And many more…
☝  Another one responded this way – Freedom to choose and be respected for my choices, this is the only thing I want.

☝  One of the funniest answers received – to eat without getting fat … hahaha!!!

All the responses cannot be shared here but one thing that can be concluded is that maybe the desires, wishes, want are different but the requirement is only one – FREEDOM!

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This era has brought new hope and has empowered today’s women in an affirmative manner. Earlier, they used to be under the shadow of a husband or a father, but now they have entrenched their own identity and are independent. 

Answer to the main question is women are just like men. 
They have different likes/dislikes/desires/ambitions/preferences and expecting the world to respect their's like a man's are respected.

Don’t tell her to limit her ambitions, support her in achieving the same.

Don’t clip her wings, give her open sky to fly freely but be there if she may fall and help her to fly again!

Let her dream, let her live – give her all the freedom she deserves!

“Queen- Kangana Ranaut starrer, the national award 2014 winner film” – is one of the movies which is highly recommended to understand the various shades of a woman.

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