How to travel in Europe on a Budget: A multimodal comparison!

Europe is on everyone’s bucket list. Vivid sceneries, shocking cultures, tantalizing types of cheese and bumfuzzling variety of croissants. Europe has the traits of the west while the cultural charm of the East, making it a perfect destination to pay a visit. If this one is going to be your first international trip, you must keep these tips in mind. Europe has more than 30 countries, each more exciting than others. Well, if you are a millionaire, you can book your tickets here and head over for a Lavish vacation on the island of Greece. But, if you wish to travel in a more exciting and ‘not so lavish’ way, continue reading! 

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I have traveled across more than 20 countries in Europe to countless destinations and believe me; it is so much fun to travel by public transport, interacting with your fellow passengers and spending the time of your lives. So the million-dollar question comes here: 

🚩 How should you travel? 

Well, in Europe you have plenty of options when it comes to traveling. Almost every city is equipped with a fantastic mass transit system consisting of an overtly complex network of trams, buses, and rail. Berlin’s network of S-Bahn and U-Bahn metro is a perfect example of an inexpensive, but an efficient urban transport system. 

Similarly, the GVK tram-bus-metro setup fuels public transit in Amsterdam. This pretty much sums the intra-city travel between cities in Europe because most of these cities are indifferent in this aspect.  

The real deal comes about cheap intercity transport with Europe. Well, travel in Europe is facilitated by a vast network of flights buses and trains. Are you looking for cheap intercity transport in Europe? To answer your question, in short, grab a Ryanair flight for 5 Euros, Travel in BlaBla Bus for 1 Euro and enjoy the seamless discounts on the comfiest RegioJet trains. But, hold your horses, the same Ryanair flight could cost you 100 Euros, the bus can be as expensive as 80 Euros and after all trains are more like for Elite Classes. Let me explain to you the best way to travel across Europe! 

Flight Travel

Although your best bet would be the infamous Ryan Air, let me inform you regional low-cost carriers such as WizzAir, EasyJet and Lauda can do your job pretty well. Do not expect Emirates like services in any of these carriers! No food, no seat selection, no large luggage, mind it. All these ‘luxuries’ come at a high price! 
Sometimes, the price of a meal is double that of the ticket itself. Pack your Dutch pastries before boarding that RyanAir flight to Vienna!


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You can place your bet on the impressive green fleet of FlixBus or BlaBla Bus! Both of these are equally economical and do the job right. I went from Munich to Berlin for just 1 Euro, and it was a smooth journey along with the dark Bavarian fields. These are no-frill journeys with just a few loo stops along the way which is included. But, I am sure this might not be a deal-breaker considering the price charged!


It is difficult to find amazing deals, but don’t lose your hopes. Train journeys in Europe might target the ‘elite’ segment, but it is very much possible to travel on them on a shoestring budget. I went from Budapest to Bratislava, while exploring two amazing border towns of Komaron and Komarno, by train, and it just cost me 3 Euros. Isn’t it amazing! Read my article to learn how I bagged this deal. Nonetheless, trains are one of the most beautiful and comfortable ways to travel through Europe!


🚩 What should I use? 

I am sure your Europe trip won’t be confined to just one city unless you are a billionaire flying in business class to sip on your favorite scotch! You can use a combination of flight bus and train to chalk down a perfect itinerary. Flights are the most useful when time is your priority. Most budget airline terminals are designed in a way where you can complete all your formalities in just 15 minutes. Meanwhile, trains are fantastic if you want to enjoy the scenic railroad routes coupled with unparalleled services. Lastly, buses are the most economical of the lot, economically providing limited comfort. 

For an ideal trip across the central European plains from Paris, covering the cities of Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, and Vienna, the best way to travel can be via flight and train. Flights to central Europe from Paris are very cheap. At the same time, the big 4 (Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, and Vienna) are extensively connected via a high-speed rail network, and it is relatively easy to get cheap tickets. 

It depends from destination to destination and the discounts offered by these companies. You can use OMIO to find the cheapest bus and train fares in Europe, whereas Skyscanner returns the best flight deals. Make sure to use the Flexi-date feature to bag the most competitive offers!

I hope this blog post has provided value to your European itinerary. I am incredibly excited to hear about your experiences in the comments below. Stay tuned for a new story!

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