How to stop being a couch potato in this quarantine

Is everything kept in the refrigerator and the appetizers on the friend’s Whatsapp status looking yummy? Then stop and check the calories you are consuming throughout the day. 

I know we all are in quarantine at home due to the COVID-19 and after every hour the rats of our stomach start jumping to taste something delicious. Maybe you are enjoying work from home and maybe work from home is a gift to you as you can wake up whenever you want, wear according to your choice, eat whatever and whenever you want. 

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But if you will not start controlling then your favorite pants which are zipped easily today will surely get tight tomorrow. 

In this long lockdown, suddenly weight control becomes a big deal for all of us. We can't step out of the home, can’t access the gym and do no physical activity. 

So here we are suggesting some ideas of how to stop gaining fat while being at home.

1. Do some physical activity

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Physical exercise doesn't only help to lose weight loss but also cut back your stress and anxiety. calories burnt while exercising plus less calories you consume results in weight loss. 

2. Drink more water

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Drinking more water increases your metabolism and cleanses your body waste. It also suppresses your cravings. If you drink water before a meal then ultimately you eat less.

3. Don’t skip breakfast

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If you skip breakfast in the morning you will feel hungrier all day and will consume more calories than usual. Chia seeds, berries, nuts, boiled eggs, oatmeals are amazing to start a good day.

4. Follow a regular and health schedule

What you eat will affect but when you eat will also affect for sure. A study of PubMed Central of National Institutes of Health says that you will lose less weight if you have lunch after 3 pm in comparison to who takes it before 3 pm.

5. Don’t take a meal in front of TV

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While eating in front of the TV you get distracted and not aware of how much you have already eaten. This overeating results in weight gain.

6. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

If you are taking cold drinks or soda or any other sugary drink, you are actually consuming more calories. In the same way, alcohol promotes appetite and gives you more calories.

7. Take fat-free milk and yogurt

According to a report published in WebMD, the obese who take fat-free yogurt 3 times a day are more likely to reduce 22% more weight in comparison to those who simply cut their calories and don’t brush up on calcium. 

8. Eat a snack in a bowl/plate

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Don’t eat directly from a packet. Take snacks in a bowl or small plate so that you intake according to your stomach and not try to finish the whole.

9. Setup your work ambiance

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Set up a proper workspace while working from home. Use a table chair like you do in the office. So the mind knows that you are doing something productive and will not get distracted more often.

10. Take a fitness pause

Try to move your body every hour. Do some stretching exercises on your desk and rotate your arms and neck to become more active.

So, these are the tips from our side to avoid weight gain while being at home. You can share more ideas in the comment section. Stay home, Stay safe and Stay fit. Do some effective things while being at home in this quarantine.

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