Get the online glimpses of Keukenhof's Tulip Gardens of Netherlands during COVID-19

In this tough time of COVID-19 pandemic, we all are under lockdown and can’t step out even in a street. Before the lockdown, it was planned that Keukenhof's gardens would open from 21st March to 10th May 2020 and the easter event would be on 12-13th April and 27th April but now the government decided to shut all the event to control the virus.

But the good news is managing director, Bart Siemerink, of Keukenhof’s garden gives you an excellent opportunity to get the fascinating glimpses of Keukenhof’s tulip garden online. Isn’t it amazing? He is welcoming you to his world’s best spring garden virtually. It’s just like if you can't reach the gardens, gardens reach you. Now enjoy this year's theme 2020 'A World of Colours' at home and get amazed by the almost 500 types of tulips.

If you love to travel and keep exploring the new places you are very well aware of this festival of tulips. It is one of the best gardens in the world covering 79 acres in which around 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year. It is located in the town of Lisse, Netherlands and also known as the Garden of Europe.

It was established in 1949 and opened for public in 1950 and in its first year, 2 lakh visitors reached there. After a long time, when the Dutch government is strict on controlling the spread of coronavirus, this beautiful garden is closed to the public. But thanks to the technology you can enjoy the tour online.

The government admitted that the cancellation of all the events will impact severely as they did a lot of hard work to provide the best experience to the travelers. But the flowers still bloom in this lockdown and around 50 workers are taking care of them. Usually, around 1300 workers are employed by the association.

Take a look of the different sections

1. Get the pristine view of the park. They don't have any tourist but still, the staff is working to caters the best view of the tulips.

2. Get the spectacular views of daffodils explained by the gardener Andre. It is the time of Easter and he explains the history of that. 

3. In this video gardener, Daan shows you his favorite places in Keukenhof: Beach Garden, Mill forest and the fountain! The view is amazing.

4. You can see here what Bart Siemerink said about his beautiful garden. 

You can check all the videos and more information on the official site. Although you can't have a fragrance of the flower you can see the vibrant colors of tulips.

You can plan by next year and enjoy yourself as much as virtually you do. StayHome StaySafe!!

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