Give your home a stylish makeover this quarantine | Easy yet appealing DIY home decor ideas

The feeling of being stuck at the home, facing isolation from the whole world was not something any of us anticipated at the beginning of this year. Your summer plans were definitely something else that is now on hold till the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control.

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The only thing that can keep you safe from this is the four walls of your house and within the confined boundaries walls you need to do all the work including working, exercising, entertaining yourself then going to bed only to do the same tasks the next day.
Don’t let this lockdown make you feel being trapped or dull your spirits.  Spending more time indoor, makes you feel more bored so instead of wasting this time being on social media why not doing something productive like engaging in a new home renovation project without actually buying new products. 

Here are some inspiring ideas for giving a brand new look to your home: 

⦁ Reshuffle the furniture 

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For a refreshing change, shuffle the furniture and make yourself more open to light and fresh air. This lockdown is allowing you to discover all the new ways to rediscover your space and give it a new and more amazing look by just reorganizing the accessories you already have. Renovating the space and exploring more creative ideas is the need of the hour to break the monotonous lifestyle during the quarantine. Put the handmade fabrics to your furniture to give them a new look.

⦁ Carve out a cozy corner

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Spot the area in your house where you like spending most of the time, anywhere in the living room or bedroom or your balcony. Add some happy vibe to space, cover a colorful rug, throw some cushions, pile up some of your favorite books or magazines, hang the fancy lights you love and put your picture frame on the wall in front of you to bind it all together.

⦁ Begin a new painting project

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Start with something small to find out how beautifully you can go ahead with these projects. If you find yourself passionate about this and have a tidy hand on this piece of art go ahead with other things like an accent wall or outdated wooden furniture and turn into a beautifully renovated piece. Colors are something that has a great impact on mood and creativity so let yourself explore your creativity and break the boredom of lockdown.

⦁ Declutter and give your house a vivid cleanse 

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This is the best time to focus all your energy on your beautiful house. Let it be the time to make yourself aware of the things you need or not and get rid of all the clutter that no more serves a purpose in the house. The simplest act of cleaning, putting things with sentimental values will add a sense of attachment in your home without adding clutter any more. 

⦁ Create a productive home office 

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While being quarantined, everyone is adjusting with remote work which is essential for our jobs so it becomes quite important to have the right space to work as nothing kills productivity like cramped up spaces do. Even if the space is small, make sure it has perfect lighting, a bit colorful to keep you motivated and near to nature making it a personal happy space rather than a place for professional toil.
Make it clean and as much interesting as possible to enhance productivity and enjoy the work from home as it is the best gift of the year 2020.

⦁ Take up a gardening project 

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For beginning with DIY gardening ideas, you need not have a big garden or balcony. You can simply start with old pots, pans or even with egg trays from the kitchen and go with easy to grow seeds like tomato, curry leaves, tulsi, green chilies or herbs and take care of your plants. Paint these items with the available colors in your house and let yourself carve something admirable this time. This will boost your spirits and keep you close to nature as well.

⦁ Upgrade the cabinets and bookcase 

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Change the setting of the arrangements you made earlier in the cabinets, shuffle the things to refresh the look. Put some handmade items in and around the common places where you work most to add some innovation in the area. 

Collect all the books scattered here and there in the house, put the ones you don’t need in a bag to donate and clean the bookshelf, arrange them in a new order may be by just color coordinating. 

Decorating your home is not merely about cleaning, rearranging but also about attracting positive energy as Positive energy in your home this helps you and your family to relax and be more productive in day-to-day activities. 
So, it’s time to break the homebound boredom and do something creative to stay positive and cheerful by doing aby of these ideas.

Stay positive. Stay home. Stay healthy.

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