Getting bored in this lockdown? | Play these games with your family to get through this quarantine

Lockdown, COVID-19 around and we are all stuck at home due to this global pandemic and when we come to know what the world is going through leaves us heartbroken and shattered!

But as the saying is – every coin has two sides so is with coronavirus outbreak, it is also having some positive impacts as well. When our busy schedules never allowed us to pause for a while and enjoy some good time with our beloveds, this lockdown is giving us time to connect with our loved ones, spend some quality time together and make special memories.

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Make sure not to waste this time in hooking up with your smartphones all day! Maybe you are not even realizing how these smartphones are pulling us apart from our families and affecting our relations badly! So, it’s time to say goodbye to your cellphones and relive the best days of your life when you used to spend quality time with family and enjoyed playing fun games with them. 

Here is a list of few fun games you can enjoy with your family –

⦁ Pictionary 

It’s an interesting mind game to play with family. Divide your family into two groups, ask anyone member from either team to go ahead and draw a picture of something on a paper or a board and what you have to do is to guess the right word from the picture drawn by the player from the other team. The team or player who guesses the maximum correct answers wins!

⦁ Tambola 

Have you guys gone through the video of Delhi residents playing tambola across their balconies that went viral recently? There is nothing better than this game when it comes to killing your boredom and obviously loved by all. 
It is a number (1-90) game. One person calls the numbers between 1-90 and the other players cross those numbers on their tambola tickets. Oh yes, the tickets. 


You can sell the tickets for a fixed amount to all the members and later you can give it back as cash prizes back to winners. 
There are different winning points in the game like first row, second row, third row, temperature, corners, full house among others. Decide yours and enjoy!

⦁ Dumb Charades

Guessing the name of a movie is an awesome game to play with them. The player cannot speak but they need to act the name of the movie with different gestures. You can give the players the title of any movie of your choice and they should make sure that the other members of the team understand it while they act. The team that guesses the maximum number of movies correct wins!

⦁ Treasure Hunt

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keeping kids engaged for a long time is an interesting thing. Hide goodies or things at different places in the house and give your kids hints and clues to reach them. You can play this game as a family as well by dividing yourself into two groups and whosoever comes back early, wins!

⦁ Chinese Whisper

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For playing this game, sit in a circle and it starts with one person whispering something into the ear of the person sitting next to them. This message has to continue until it reaches the last person. This has to continue until it reaches the last person. It gets trickier with long phrases. So go ahead with the one!

⦁ Cards

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Cards are way fun! You can play so many fun card games with your deck of cards and are perfect way to pass time. It doesn’t need any fixed rules or any fixed number of members. The games you can play include rummy, teen patti, patte pe patta, satti paan, blackjack, and many others.

⦁ Guess the sound

When it comes to guessing games, it is always fun. What you need to do in this game is to collect some objects that make a sound and keep them in a box. Ask all the participants of the game to get blindfolded. You need to start making a sound from the objects and then ask the players to guess what it is. One who guesses first wins the round. Continue it with other objects. Isn’t it is interesting!

I hope these games will help you to get through this lockdown period in an easy-going way and in making some precious memories with your loved ones!
keep enjoying and stay home, stay safe

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Shilpa bhati said…
Yeahh...on this lockdown I'm also playing Tambola and Ludo... these are very interesting gamess so please play and enjoy at home...✌️✌️🥰