Best last minute digital gifts for your loved ones to gift during quarantine

Forget to buy a gift for your loved one? Or got stuck due to lockdown of COVID-19 and have no idea what to gift to make the day special! Then please don't make an excuse.

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Here is a list of amazing last-minute gifts that don't require any shipping and will be worth remembering. 

1. For the cartoon and fun lover

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If your friend or family member loves cartoons or cartoon characters, then this is the best way to gift them their Cartoon version. Contact ShrinenArts via DM and make their Digital gifts done. 

2. To the binge-watcher

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If your friend or partner loves to watch new series, episodes, or movies for most of his spare time. Then the best gift you can give him is a subscription of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, or Zee5.

3. For the book lovers

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A person who loves to read always has a dream to join the online community of readers all over the world and the Book of the month is all about the same. You can give them a subscription of a book of the month or kindle or can buy a book of their interest from playbooks. 

4. For the music addicts

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To the music lovers, you can give the subscription of Amazon music unlimited so that they can enjoy music on their own Web player. It has songs in more than 20 languages. Other than this you can also go for the subscription of Gaana plus, Spotify, or Wink

5. To the gaming enthusiasts 

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People who love to play games online will surely love the subscription of Steam by Google play or Xbox. Best games are available on Steam and Xbox and you can buy a particular game too. You can play these games with your community wherever you go. 

6. Audible Suno

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If your friend loves storytelling by his favorite celebrity then you can go for the Audible Suno. It gives exclusive audio stories and entertainment. 

7. Treehouse

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If your friend loves programming or wants to learn programming or coding. Then you can give him a subscription to the Treehouse. It is a great platform through which you can build your coding skills at your own pace. Become an expert in a particular language like java, java-script, python, PHP, etc. and get ready for the job. If you are not sure what to learn, it has a list of current top courses.

8. Virtual gym subscription

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If you don’t want to step out then you can do exercise in your home space also. If you want to give something to the fitness freak, then a subscription to an online gym is the best option. You can go for a Wello. It has many courses from yoga to martial arts. You can burn your calories through live training on Skype. You can also go for iTrain or JEFIT.

9. For the designers

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If you want to give something to the person who loves designing then go for the subscription of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. It is the world's best tool for imaging and graphic design.

So this is the list of our suggestions you can gift that will surely arrive on time and the receiver will surely love it. If the birthday is of your partner then you can try dating ideas at home. If you have more suggestions, let us know in the comment box.

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