Healthy skin is healthy you | Authentic tips to have flawless skin

Good skin care includes papering yourself with good self-care sessions which may include protecting yourself from UV rays, regular cleansing, proper moisturizing and many more. Having a healthy lifestyle choice is an important aspect of this.

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Are you afraid of losing your natural glow or getting signs of early ageing because of your hectic schedules and busy lifestyle and not getting enough time for intensive skincare? Don’t worry you can still have perfect and blemish-free skin by acing the basics.
So just go through these pro tips to get flawless skin and don’t stress anymore, just include them in your schedule and watch out for the results.

⦁ Don’t skip the sunscreen

Sunscreen is must! Irrespective of the weather, you should apply it daily. When skin gets into contact with the sun, then UV rays dry out your skin, producing more oils. So, do yourself some favor and never leave the house without sunscreen.
You can also opt for a combination of sunscreen and any face cream of your choice to avoid brown spots and fine lines.

⦁ Wash your face twice a day

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Cleansing face twice a day spells magic on your skin. It removes the dirt, cleanses your pores and sees the difference in just a few days. Two is the best number as over-washing and under-washing can cause trouble for your skin.

⦁ Never sleep with make-up on your face

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When you sleep with make-up on face, it gets immersed deeper in the pores leading to acne. So make sure to remove makeup before going to bed for bringing a difference in a beautiful, flawless and dull complexion.
For removing makeup you can wash your face with water or you can use cotton pads soaked in micellar cleansing water.

⦁ Keep yourself hydrated all time

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Hydration helps you to keep your skin glowing and vibrant. Drinking plenty of water not only helps to keep you glowing but also keeps your body healthy and fit. 
For gorgeous, flawless and glowing skin drink 8 ounces of water daily.

 Say a big no to junk food

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The price of regularly consuming junk food is paid by your skin. 
Fine lines, wrinkles and early aging signs start developing when you keep on eating the chips, pasta, burger, pizza and what not!

⦁ Start sleeping on a clean pillow

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When you sleep on a dirty pillowcase, your skin can easily pick up the dirt, bacteria, saliva and other harmful agents from its surface making your face remain unclogged for your skin to glow. 
Make sure to wash your pillow once in a week and flipping its side after 3 days of regular use to avoid the pore-clogging bacteria.

⦁ Start practicing workout regularly

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Regular workout sessions which may include jogging, yoga or some other physical activities refreshes your mood, boost up positivity in you and lowers the level of stress hormones while maintaining the body balance. 
Continue practicing your regular sessions to keep a good pigmentation level in the skin and for your beautiful glow.

⦁ Clean your phone screen regularly

Make it a habit to clean your smartphone screen as when your skin gets into touch with it while you are on a call turning the surface into a ground for germs and causing unknown damage to the skin.

⦁ Maintain a healthy diet

To fight the daily skin issues effectively, you should look for a healthy skin diet. It should include proper vegetables, fruits, vitamins and carbohydrates which will keep your skin away from issues like acne, rashes, wrinkles, and fine lines. It will help you to maintain a good texture and keep your skin flawless. 

⦁ Get yourself quality sleep

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Improper sleep is harmful to you in many ways so it is very important to have enough sleep to maintain a proper balance between your brain and body. Insufficient sleep leads to many harmful effects on your skin.  
Issues like inflammation, skin allergies and acne can easily attack your body when you don’t sleep well. Get yourself a comfortable bed to maintain the glow of your skin.

⦁  Exfoliate and put a mask once in a week

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Exfoliating skin once in a week helps in unclogging the skin pores which prevents acne and makes other skincare products go deeper into the skin and make the skin even and smoother. 

Like exfoliating is basic, the use of a mask in a week is also a much-needed thing for your skin. It provides the needed moisture, nourishment and the much-deserved pampering to your skin while pulling out all the impurities. So start sometime at least in a week!

Get started with these few simple and no-nonsense tips for getting beautiful and flawless and make yourself more confident with that naturally glowing skin! 

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