April 22 | World Earth Day | Celebrate the 50th Anniversary in Quarantine mode

April 22, a day to celebrate the environment. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 when 20 million Americans made to the street for the purpose of promoting the ideas of ecology, encouraging respect for life on earth, and highlighting the growing concern on pollution of the soil, air, and water.

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Earth day is now observed across 140 nations, celebrating it in their own styles by doing different activities which may include planting trees, collecting roadside /beach trash, and conducting/participating in recycling and conservation programs. In some places, many outdoor performances are also organized, street fairs and many TV programs focusing on environmental issues.

The idea for setting a day aside in the honor of our mother earth, on which we live, was given by Senator Gaylord Nelson. The day of the Vernal Equinox is also observed by some as Earth Day.
Despite the observation of Earth Day has lost some of its initial excitement, it became much more widespread over the past thirty years.  But this year which marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the circumstances are quite different from all the previous years. 

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The coronavirus lockdown is restricting the usual activities so the organizations, educators, and activists across the world have crafted some ways to make the 50th anniversary of this important day which is dedicated to climate action this year, memorable without leaving your homes. 

The theme for this Earth Day is Climate Action.
The enormous challenges and the vast opportunities of action on climate change have acclaimed the issue as the most demanding topic for the 50th anniversary.

Here are some digital ideas which are planned to celebrate Earth Day 2020 –

⦁ US Space Agency NASA is celebrating the memorable day with an exclusive Earth Day 50th Anniversary Toolkit. The toolkit has a collection of videos, fun activities, special programs, and many other things that will help kids and adults to celebrate Earth Day at home. 

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Many online sites and while schools are also closed, teachers and site owners are also getting more creative. Some are teaching virtual recycling processes that you can adopt and many others are also organizing tutorials to help people create posters and art supporting the action against climate change.

⦁ The climate activist organizations We Don't Have Time and Exponential Roadmap in collaboration with The Earth Day Network planned the world’s largest digital climate conference, from April 20 to April 24, 2020. 

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About 100 experts from various sectors and five continents meet over the internet to discuss topics varying from climate finance to food and agriculture. 

This five-day event will be live-streamed to viewers worldwide on wedonthavetime.org website is free and will be summarized on April 25, 2020, with a Climate Hackathon.
Ingmar Rentzhog, the founder and CEO of We Don't Have Time is hoping that the online conference will "inspire everyone to get the climate job done at speed and at scale."

⦁ In many countries like California, residents will celebrate the movement with "The Earth Day Sing Out." Citizens are encouraged to record themselves singing one of the suggested Earth Day songs of their choice, and post a short video on Twitter with the hashtags #earthdaysingout or #earthday2020 which will be posted on the local radio stations on April 22 for all to hear and celebrate.

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Some things which you can do while being at home for your mother earth on this momentous day –

⦁ Be Vegetarian for this day at least - The demand for non-veg food creates excessive stress on environmental resources, and the more demand, the more our planet suffers!
⦁ Unplug the TV and other electric appliances – It’s just a day’s matter! Unplug TV or other electric items when they are not in use.
⦁ Get yourself involved in planting.
⦁ Start using eco-friendly cleaning products from this day.
⦁ Start using more and more recyclable products.
⦁ Stop throwing garbage on roads.
⦁ Start using carpool more and more while traveling.

Be a part of this big celebration with your family in your own creative ways or in any of the mentioned ideas and let us know what you are contributing to help the planet on this special Earth Day anniversary by putting your comments below.

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