7 Best indoor plants to improve air quality

Wanna improve your home's air quality? Well, we came here with a solution. But first, let's take a look at the report from WHO.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), every year almost 4.2 million people lost their lives due to ambient (outdoor) pollution. According to the same report 9 out of 10 people are taking polluted air inside which contains high pollutants. 

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Nowadays AQI (air quality index) is kept on increasing and exceeding the limits given by WHO. Developing countries are suffering more from air pollution which will ultimately increase the mortality rate resulting in the form of respiratory diseases. 

According to a study published in 1989, a former NASA scientist Bill Wolverton reveals that houseplants can clean the air efficiently and they are able to detoxify cancer-causing compounds.

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You alone can’t change the outdoor climate but at least you can do something for yourself and your family by cleaning the air of your home. Indoor plants are the best and economic option for doing the same. Every person spends more time indoors as compared to outside. So by cleaning the home air, you can make a great effort towards your health.

Here are the 7 home loving plants to improve the air quality of the home and cleanses the surroundings.

🌿 Spider Plant

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Excellent plant for the newbies. It can survive at a low temperature (up to 2 degrees Celsius) or even in indirect sunlight. According to Nectarsleep, you can place the spider plant in your bedroom. It improves the quality of your sleep. It also uncluttered the filthy smell of the room.

🌿 Lady Palm

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Out of all the species of palm, Lady palm requires the least effort. It can also grow in indirect sunlight. Its growth is quite slow but it can grow up to 14 feet. Its leaves are broad and will help to absorb more toxins.

Pro Tip: It requires care in terms of watering it or fertilization. So you need to water it properly and cater fertilizer in a month.

🌿 Peace Lily

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It has an excellent quality of purifying and humidifying the air quality of your home. Its white blossoming flowers always attract you and freshens your mind. You have to water it thoroughly as it gets dry soon and moist it leaves if it gets attacked by pests.

Pro Tip: If you have pets or children at home don’t plant it as its leaves contain calcium oxalate that may harm them.

🌿 Snake Plant

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Weird name and weird nickname - Mother-in-law tongue plant, but has a strange quality of emitting oxygen at night. You can place it in your bedroom as it improves your sleeping quality. It can filter the cancer-causing compounds like benzene and formaldehyde.

Pro Tip: Its root can grow in moist soil. So don’t overwater it. Otherwise, more water can damage the roots of the plant. 

🌿 Aloevera

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This indoor plant has numerous qualities. The gel of leaves is great for skin and hairs and the plant has the natural power of purifying the polluted air.

Pro Tip: Aloe plant loves the sunny spot. So you have to place it in a kitchen or near window that gets the proper amount of sunlight.

🌿 Rubber Plant

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An evergreen plant, mainly found in India and can be grown into a small pot. But it can grow to form a tree. So when it reaches a proper height you can directly plant it into the soil.

Pro Tip: It grows in bright light. So you can place it in your balcony. Water it weekly in summer and twice a week in winters.

🌿 Weeping Fig

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This plant can be with you for long years if you place it properly. It looks so graceful in your home. It has long delicate branches with dark glossy green leaves. Its height reaches to 3-6 feet when planted indoors.

Pro Tip: Weeping Fig don’t like change. So don’t change its spot again and again. It requires bright indirect sunlight.

So, don't wait and buy a healthy and sweet little plant for your home. They provide such a pleasing austerity to your home surroundings. Stay healthy and Stay Fit 😊.

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