5 amazing dating ideas at home

Missing romantic dates and outing with your partner?? If you are locked down at home with your partner and getting bored then you can recreate the moments you spent together outside the home. Just switch off the television you're watching for the last few days, which is telecasting only COVID-19 issues, and impress your partner. 

Here is the list of 5 amazing stay at home ideas you can do with your partner.

1. Spa at home

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Select the appropriate room. Dim the lights and light some scented candles. Play some romantic music and give a soothing massage to your partner. If you have essential oils at home then it's great, you can give a steamy body massage to your partner. Or just give a good head massage with your regular oil. You can also give a spa-level facial or cleanup to your partner. 

2. Plan a delicious evening 

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You are quarantined at home and can’t go out to enjoy your weekend special dishes. But you can plan to make a new dish with your partner at home. Just use Google or YouTube for a new recipe you haven’t tried before. Select a recipe that is not too simple, and share tasks accordingly. You can add some cocktails too. You can also try Dalgona coffee that is going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms

3. Shake your booty

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According to a study it is believed that dance helps to improve the relationship with your partner. As dancing together involves physical contact that ultimately generates communal feelings. So be it a Salsa, Tango, Bollywood or any other form of your choice, just play it and match the steps with your partner. Maybe you are not better than your partner but you can try to learn and enjoy the time with your love.

4. Show your playful side

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Couples stay together, roam together and this is the time you can’t go outside to play. So why not challenge your partner? Play board games like chess, poker or some video game and bring your competitive side. It will be more interesting if you select something unusual.

5. Lose extra kilos

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Be it a yoga or aerobics or Zumba, practice your shaping exercise with your spouse. Learn some new exercises from YouTube and try to do that. You can try couples exercise also that requires two persons, which will improve your trusting ability on others as the balance is the key point for it.

So don't get bored if you are only two persons at home, there a list of ideas you can do lockdown. Comment below if you have more ideas that will work.

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