4 reasons why Work from Home is the best gift of 2020

Work From Home #wfh is a blessing. Shocked!! Find out yourself.

Working in your pajamas, answering calls and emails while sipping a cup of coffee – yes you’ve heard it right. Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of organizations are forced to manage a completely remote workforce. Organizations are now working from home to stop the spread of the deadly virus which is spreading like IPL fever in our country.

Now when it comes to work from home, trust me it comes down to the environment you always wanted to work in. So let’s jump to the 4 reasons why this opportunity of working from home is the best gift from the year 2020.

👉   Your office can be anywhere and can be of any kind:

Love to work sitting in the kitchen? Or working while enjoying skyline from your high rise society? Work from home gets you covered. At the end of the day, what the boss need is the task assigned to you should be completed. He is least bothered about how and where are you working. Listen to your favorite music, cook your favorite meal while taking calls and replying to emails. You get your own schedule with no deadlines. Take a power nap or nature pills and you are good to go again. Directly from bed to bed. Hey! What else do you need?

Pro tip: One Stanford study found that employees who work from home are 13 percent more productive compared with their in-office counterparts.

👉   Work from home saves you money:

Work from home saves your travel time as well as the hole that you get from money spent on travel for commuting to and fro office. The best part is, you can start working as soon as you jump out of the bed without any boring/hectic metro or bus ride to your workplace. No more hustle to get a seat!

Pro tip: Money saved from this can be used on shopping or plan a fantastic getaway once you get back to the normal routine.

👉   It makes you more independent:

Completing a task all by your self is something which shows how full of potential and energy you are. If you can survive this without any help, trust me you can work in any given condition. Work from home makes you independent while boosting your confidence to work alone on some projects. Just finish off some do to list side by side.

Pro tip: Add this in your resume and give a laugh to the interviewer.

👉   And the most important- More time with the loved ones:

Work from home is like a Sunday. You get to stay with your loved ones round the clock. Start off with things you left the previous time due to work or office deadlines. Cherish the moment of staying together for a month without any restrictions or thinking much about office work. Tighten your bond with your partner if you are a newly wedded couple or stay with your children as much as you can. Feel the essence of the work “complete family”. This will bring joy to every member of your family and you will be least bothered about the COVID-19 thing.

Stay safe and enjoy this gift from 2020. You are the lucky one to get this lifetime opportunity. Don’t waste it! Stay Happy 😊

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Shilpa bhati said…
Yeahh work from home is the best gift of 2020 for me....i really enjoyed my work also i have develope my cooking skills😜😜🤗 so stay home & stay safe✌️🙏