4 reasons why Italy's outbreak is so bad in spite of having 2nd best healthcare system

Italy is acknowledged for its one of the best health care systems. Its current population is 6.05 crores which is 0.78% of the total world’s population. In Spite of this it is the world's 8th biggest economy and has the 2nd best healthcare system. But still Italy is not able to fight this deadly Coronavirus. Italy recorded the more deaths than China - origin of this devil virus. According to the worldometers data total cases in Italy hit the record of 86,498 out of which only 10,950 are recovered and 9,134 are reported deaths. It has a very poor mortality rate of 9%.

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Here are 4 major points that why country is suffering so badly:

Oodles of older people

Life expectancy of Italy is 82.54 years which is 6th longest in the world. But it has 22% of people who are more than 65 and above. Medical researchers said that COVID-19 hits the respiratory system and weakens the immunity. It is obvious that older people are less immune than younger ones. So it increases the need for more hospitals.

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And Italy the retirement from the workplace is 67 years, which is 2 years more than the other countries. So it is quite possible that they get infected at the workplace.

Reluctance in restrictions

Initial lockdown began on 21st feb 2020 but complete lockdown was imposed by 9th march but till that date condition was already getting worse. Italy is quite a dense country and according to the data of worldometers having an average density of 206 people per sq km. Two-third of the population is urban, which is even more dense.

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Social distancing

Close proximity is the major issue in Italy. The people there show more fondness towards others via hugs and kisses. Their personal space is quite less.

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From the beginning of March Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte banned all the social gatherings but till that time COVID-19 had already taken the form of disaster.

Business Hub

In northern Italy the city Milan is the financial capital of the country. In Italy there are many MNCs and educational centres which have close connection to China. Many business professionals from Milan attend the meeting in the entire country and china. So this could also be the reason that one infected person can spread the disease to many people at many places.

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As of the massive breakdown, the country is fighting against the diseases and trying to control the situation. The entire country is under lockdown, all shops, malls, colleges, halls are closed and the streets are completely empty. People are supporting the government and abiding the regulations given by the government. They are following their motto “Distanti ma uniti.” Distant, but united. 

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