15 Tips to help you to get better sleep

A good night’s sleep is integral for good health.

Maybe a new series you are enjoying on Netflix, the workload of daily office work or the mission of your video game is unfulfilled. Whatever be the reason, many people in India are waking up grumpier and lazy these mornings.

According to the sleep study done by the tech giants reports (also published in Times of India), India is the 2nd sleep-deprived country lagging behind Japan. In India, average hours of sleep are 7 hours 1 minute and other European countries have an average of 7-8 hours. The difference is very less but the study also added that Indians are lagging badly in terms of physical activity. India is the least active country in a group of 18 countries including Japan, the USA, the UK, and Singapore.
If you are also the one who is not sleeping enough yes we are talking about you. Less sleep can host many diseases in your body. It can affect your mental health, leads to weight gain, headache and much more. According to a sleep study report of California, less sleep can weaken your metabolism, insulin level, can cause mood swings, hypersomnia, snoring problems, sleep disorder, insomnia and also leads to lower the sex drive.

So if you are also undergoing the same issues, here are some expert tips to help to get a better sleep daily:

1. Dehook yourself from gadgets

It's very important nowadays to free yourself at least at night. Make your room gadget-free. Switched off your phone at night as it generates harmful radiations and the notifications popped out also disturbed your sleep.

Image source: https://exposure.org.uk/

2. Sleep on your side

According to the study of the States of America, there are mainly three positions to sleep: back, stomach and side. Experts advise that sleeping on your side lets you sleep in more comfort and decreases the problem of insomnia.

3. Stick to a schedule

If you want to sleep as soon as you hit the bed, go to bed at the same time every night. According to a journal Sleep published in 2010 concludes that the person who goes to the bed at the same time every time took less time to fall asleep and improved their sleeping quality.

4. Invest in the second top sheet

If you used to share a bed with your partner and get interrupted while sleeping due to twists and turns of your partner take separate sheets for both.

5. Check the side effects of your medications

If you are taking pills of blood pressure or antidepressants and having anxiety while sleeping then consult your doctor with your prescription.

6. Meditation is the key

If your anxiety doesn't let you sleep at night then meditate to calm yourself which helps to eliminate the thoughts that keep you awake at night.

7. Avoid checking your notifications

Don’t use to check your emails, social media notifications or work issues beyond your working hours. Your health and sleep will surely improve if you use this idea of shutting down beyond work hours.

8. It's time to replace the mattress 

According to the reports published in Sleep help, the average mattress gets torn in every 7 to 10 years. So if your mattresses are a decade older then it is the right time to swap them to get a more comfortable sleep.

9. Create a separate workspace

Train your body to differentiate between workspace and bedroom. Don’t work on your bed. Set your table and chair in a different room so that when you come to your bed your body knows that it’s time to sleep.

10. Exposure to daylight

Spend some time in bright light before the sunset. According to a study published in 1993 in an American journal, it will decrease age-related insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.

11. Invest time in reading

According to Sussex, university reading can reduce the two-third of the stress level. So, whether you like fanatic novels, thriller, fiction or nonfiction, spend some time reading before sleeping every night.

12. Limit your nap

Especially if you are suffering from insomnia or have poor sleep quality then don’t take a nap more than 20 minutes during the day.

13. Take the right snack

Although you heard it right that don’t take a heavy or protein diet before you hit the bed if you take nuts, soy, cheese or the snacks which contain in the right amount of amino tryptophan it will be great. Actually, tryptophan helps to sleep faster than usual. As the summers have been started you can consume healthy foods (for healthy foods visit link), cherries or bananas too. But avoid drinks (water or juice or coffee) before going to bed. Otherwise, it leads to the urge to go to the bathroom that surely will disturb your sleep. You can also visit the pros and cons of coffee. Avoid alcohol and spicy food at night.

14. Don’t tie your hairs too tight

It is recommended by the researchers that sleep with tied hairs on the top of hairs (like in bun or ponytail) especially if you have a migraine. If you want to avoid hairs on the face just go with a loose ponytail.

15. Take a shower

Just before going to bed take a shower that will lower your body temperature and aid you to sleep faster.

Try to opt for these tips and sleep comfortably tonight and feel good tomorrow and always. Its the key to your health as well as wealth. Happy Sleeping 😀

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Ankita said…
Your meditation tip is very helpful for me and to regularize my sleep cycle dietary supplements for sleeplessness is really good.
BlessedBharti said…
Once I had seen movie nightmare and after that I felt in love with my sleep... Really nice topic chosen