15 Effective ideas while being quarantine at home | COVID - 19

Feeling bored and getting edgy? Try something interesting.

COVID-19 started from Wuhan, China is becoming pandemic now. It already affected 192 countries and affecting their territories. Leaders of every country are pleading to their people to stay at home and save themselves. It is the demand of time that if you want to save yourself and your loved ones you have to stay at home to break the chain. It is so boring and tough to just be at home for the whole day but you can make it interesting and productive. You have a great time when you can do the things which you were not able to do due to your workload. 
Here are the few interesting ideas which you can do at your home and enjoy with your family:

1. Watch your favorite shows
It happens when you don't have the time to watch the TV shows or movies you want to see but you can do that now. Just go to the online apps (Netflix, Prime or Hotstar) and relish your genre while it is a comedy, thriller or action.

2. Plan your next trip
You can’t move out but you can do research on your favorite destination which you want to explore in the coming holidays. You can study the climate, famous food, hotels, places to visit there and how to reach so that your trip will be hassle-free. You can plan a trip to some amazing places like Amsterdam - the city of bikes, Kanyakumari - the southern tip of India, Kinnaur known as the last village of India, Paris - A city of lights and many more.

3. Get in shape
You don’t need to enroll in a gym, you can do a workout at home. Just switch on your TV and move your body with the trainer. You can do yoga, Zumba or aerobics and get fit.

4. Show your skills on paper
If you love to paint you have the full time to spread the colors on the canvas. Or if you love to write you can write your thoughts in the form of poetry or story. Or you can express your feelings through letters to your loved ones or family who don’t live with you.

5. Call your friends
Contact your friends who are on long distances and don’t live in your city. This is the time when you both are free and you don't have to care about their schedule. Just call them and talk about the time you spent together.

6. Learn something new
You can learn a new language that fascinates you for a long time and you didn’t have time for it in the past.

7. Reading
You can read novels or books you have at your home or you use Google’s PlayBook which has a great collection of genres at a great price.

8. Dance with family
Turn on the speaker and play a mashup of old and new dance songs. Shake your booty and learn some new dance steps. 

9. Make album online
In today's tech world everything is online then why you are waiting for the old-styled paper album. There are many apps online where you can make a photobook and cherish the memories.

10. Improve your cooking skill
Whether you are good at cooking or not, try something new in your kitchen. Search some new recipes and cook them in your style. Do some experiments and relish the dish. You can try a new flavor of cake, ice cream or cookies which you haven’t made before.

11. Give attention to your body
It happens a lot when you don’t get time to nourish your body. It is a perfect time to do that. Just go natural. Use the items present in your kitchen like honey, gram flour, turmeric or fruits with which you can make a pack and massage to your face.
Or take some nail paints and try nail art. You can take a bubble bath also. You can do pedicure and manicure also.

12. Organize your home
In free time you can clean your closet and organize the rooms properly. Clean the windows. Wash and polish your shoes. Find the clothes that have flaws and you didn’t have time in the past to correct it, you can do it now. And the things which are not useful now you can do some DIY with them.

13. Play board games
You can enjoy board games. Turn off the TV and play the board games which you used to play in your childhood.

14. Give time to your partner
In our busy lives many times we don’t give them time to our partner as much as he/she wants. So this is the time when you can talk to them for long and plan a beautiful date in your room and make them feel special. Just decorate your room with scent candles, put on background music, you can do a couple dance also, watch movies together, have candlelight dinner and end it beautifully by cuddling each other.

15. Become a sleeping hog
If you are a working person or didn’t sleep as much as you want due to the workload then first of all sleep as long as you want. Check what are the 15 ways to get better sleep and how stripping of clothes while sleeping makes you healthy and wealthy.

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