12 Freaky Animals That Are Unbelievable To Be Real

No no, I am not talking about men but yes human beings are one of the weirdest character exists.

Here is the list of strangest creatures ever discovered in the world:
1. Leafy Seadragon
It is a marine fish found in the southern and western coasts of Australia. By realizing it in real you can understand the ocean still holds many secrets. They are related to seahorses species. 
Image source: poets.media
2. Platypus
Ah, the Platypus, or as some call it "nature's reject" as it has the combination of many species. It has a ducked-billed, tail like a beaver, feet like an otter. It is an egg-laying animal found in Australia. It is like a crazy engineer done an experiment and connected different elements together and discovered a new device. For me, Platypus is so cute.
Image source: thedailybeast.com
3. Sun bear
It is one of the species found in the tropical forests of South Asia. It is listed as vulnerable in the list of IUCN red list. They are excellent climbers and have a white and yellow patch on their chest that distinguished them from other species of bears. Sun bear is a very shy animal. It is also known as honey bear and smallest of all 8 species of bear.
Image source: OneKindPlanet.com
4Mary Turtle
It is an endangered species found in south-east Queensland, Australia. It is a strange animal with a short neck with fleshy barbells as spicate piercing below its chin and an unusual ability to breathe through its genitals.
Image source: poets.media
5. Piranha
It is considered as one of the most dangerous fish in the world and Pacu fish is like a cousin of Piranha found in South American fresh water. Unlike piranha it is less aggressive, mainly feeds plants and remains peaceful.
Image source: youtube
6. Saiga Antelope
It is listed as critically endangered.  It is found in the steppe zone of Eurasia and Mongolia. It is the size of the goat of goats in which males are quite taller than females having a stooping body and pendulant proboscide nose. Males have yellow colored horns of approx 30cm.
Image source: wikipedia
7. Dumbo Octopus
Don’t focus on its name Dumbo Octupus, obviously, it doesn’t mean that these octopuses are stupid. The name is taken from the Dumbo elephant of Disney movie because these octopuses have fins on the top of the head like the flappy ears of Dumbo elephant.
Image source: Indiatimes
8. Glass frog
It is not made of glass, it has transparent skin. It is found in humid montane forests of Central and South America. They are not poisonous and have translucent skin through which you can see its internal body parts like muscles, nerves and other parts.
Image source: rangerrick.org
9. Axolotl
It is also called as walking fish is not actually a fish, it is an amphibian. It has both lungs and gills but you can’t take them out. It can survive only in water. It is very easy to handle Axolots as they are not dangerous and not bite at all.
Image source: Twitter
10. Komondor
It is a Hungarian sheepdog. It is large, strong and powerful in nature and used to protect the livestock. Sometimes it is also called mop dog.
Image source: vestreet.com
11. Angora Rabbits
It has so much fur that it is bred for its long, silky and thick wool. Honestly, you can't tell that it's a rabbit if I didn’t mention it here.
Image source: wikipedia
12. Sphynx cats
It didn’t originally come from Egypt. These cats are born hairless due to a genetic mutation, selective breeding, starting developed in the 1960s. These cats have body temperature 4 degrees warmer than other cats. It is of short length. It is a unique cat breed, gentle and affectionate but requires special grooming.
Image source: petreviewz.com

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