Overdose of Social Media | Whatsapp and Facebook These Days

Most of you after reading the title landed on this page coz of curiosity. We nowadays scroll through a lot of forwards for seeking pleasures but ended feeling downcast. Previously when going online on Whatsapp or Facebook really connected us with our friends and relatives, posting something and giggling on jokes gave us a great feeling. Several ads spoiled the mood but not too much.

I personally don’t like to put status or posts of everything I eat, pictures of traveling, my mood variations and all but yes, sometimes I like enjoying virtual life too. Getting appreciation, likes on posts from friends or from strangers excited me. Obviously, praise works as a morale booster but adverse comments, if constructive, are also welcome.
But the fact is what is going to happen with FB, Whatsapp, and Instagram these days? Switch your net on and a flood of messages, inane jokes flow in that clogs your mobile space and worse, distort your mental process. Most of the people are belching toxic or spreading panic. You will see posts of political leaders rather than posts from your acquaintances. You need to scroll large no. of inane forwards to get to see at least one lucrative post from someone you know. This chaos results in I use clear chat function without reading most of the massages.

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Though in the early days political leaders didn’t realize the potential of social media but now when they get the idea they are focussing on it for the promotion of their party’s leaders and achievements through the posts.
The language that is used in posts, memes is pure venom and words that you wouldn’t use even for your foe. For any issue in any city, be it rise in the price of a basic commodity, fraud, murder, etc... a great effort is made to put the blame on the opposite party.

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We are bombarded with old stupid jokes, translated in a local language, jokes of lesser concern every time. With the increase in no. of friends in the friend list expands, the related hazards of social media also grow. But just like any other addiction, it is difficult to reduce the usage of screen time on these platforms. 

I think it's a peak time Mark Zuckerberg developed a dislike and boredom button.

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