Kinnaur | Last Village of India | Astonishing facts

Kinnaur in Himachal also called as “Land of God” lies in the lap of Zanskar and Dhauladhar ranges. This district is believed to be given a gift from the Gods from the clouds of Heaven.
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It is one of the serene and calm places of the world. It is a must visit place for travelers who seriously have hunger of travel in their blood. If you are planning to some cool place at least once have a look at this.
1. A most untouched area of India
Till1989, not even a single expeditionist reached there for a trip. Even today foreigners need temporary permission to visit this district.

2. Vital corridor of Silk route
For the people of the Trans-Himalayan region, Kinnaur was an important corridor. People from Tibet or Punjab had to cross Kinnaur.
3. Powerful Kinnauri Apso Do Kyi
These are the hairy sheepdogs with an elongated body and they are so powerful that can fight off a Leopard to save and master their flock.
4. Chai or ‘Cha’
One’s visit is incomplete until they taste the Tea, here called, Cha. It is a salted tea taken with ‘sattu’ or parched barley flour.
5. Khayarcha – Kinnauri’s traditional mat
If you have a chance to visit any locale house and you will notice they have a mat called khayarcha made of goat’s hairs. On Khayarcha they put Pakpa (made of sheepskin or yak skin) to sit.

6. Authoritarian Khandaan System
Kinnauris strongly believe their deity will become unhappy and the result will not be good for the village, family, girl or boy who will marry outside their clan. But yes they don’t have barbaric Khap system in which the guilty will be killed.
7. Different types of land in a single district
Basically, Kinnaur is divided into 3 types of land – lower or the most fertile land, the middle is ok and the higher is absolutely the barren one.
8. Vestal mountains and Magical valleys
Mountains and valleys are lush green. Satluj, Baspa and Spiti River snaking through the mountains beautifies the magic of Kinnaur.
9. In deadly cold weather also you will find the people smiling and content

10. Best in hospitality
If you are visiting as a guest in a marriage of any Kinnauri, you will be welcomed with the almonds and pinenuts garlands. Wow, that’s seriously amazing na?
11. Taste can’t be duplicated
Fruits like apples, apricots, pine nuts, grapes and pears of Kinnaur are world famous.
12. Kinnaur – Abode of Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva, himself, is looking over the inhabitants of Kinnaur. Kailash Peak at the altitude of 6500m looks great and located here only.
13. Hindus and Buddhist or Both
Here most people belong to Hinduism or Buddhism or some follows the principles of both.
14. Discrimination in case of property rights
Here women have no official right to their ancestral property. Many female activists are working for the same but still, the voice is unheard.
15. Chitkul – The last Village
It is a small village in Kinnaur, located on the Indo-Tibetian border. The sight scene of this village is seriously breathtaking.
16. Shyam Narang – First and Oldest voter
Kinnaur is the first district that voted in the first elections of independent India in 1960 and Shyam Narang, 97, was the first person who voted.
17. Kinnauris – The alcoholics
Mostly all the household have their brewing unit. Angoori is consuming greatly. If you visit and like it then try Shutung, Moori and Rashi but keep in mind – one at time. The real fact behind this Angoori prevents cold greatly.
So this is all about Kinnaur. If you know some more facts or ever have been there, then share your experience with us.

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