8 healthy foods to beat the summer

Are you thinking about ice cream?? It's not only ice cream, everything you eat has an impact on your body temperature. And in this tough time of COVID-19 lockdown. you have to keep yourself healthy and fit and boost your immunity.

So, to keep your body cool, here is a list of food items that keeps you cool and soothes your body.
1. Watermelon: It contains 91.45g water per 100g and rich in antioxidants. In summer watermelon can work as an internal air conditioner of the body!
image source - healthline.com
2. Cucumber: It is full of fibers and has hydrating properties. You can easily keep your body temperature low if you add it with your meal regularly.
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3. Coconut water: Nothing is better than this when it comes to cool down your body. It is full of electrolytes and minerals. It is the best natural drink that also fights with cancer and anti-aging.
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4. Buttermilk: Consuming buttermilk in summers is the best way to cater your body the required probiotics like minerals and vitamins that might help to regain them which are lost due to excessive sweating. Try it with coriander leaves and cumin powder, churned it and drink it after cooling, you will love it. You can also add fruits to curd or eat it like shrikhand.
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5. Sugarcane juice: It is full of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and manganese. Just after taking a sip you will great in this scorching heat. It is not only having cooling agents, but it is also a vital ingredient to fight the prostate and breast cancer.
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6. Lemon: It is great for detoxification of your body and it also increases the immunity level of the body to a great level. You can consume it as ‘Shikanji’ (Nimbu pani) or just simply add a few slices to your regular water.
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7. Fennel seeds: Soak the fennel seeds in night and strain them in the morning that will help greatly to decrease your body temperature in this scorching heat.
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8. Bottle gourd: It has great medicinal properties and up to 96% water content. Juice of bottle guard hydrates your body and prevents diarrhea and constipation.
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