8 Do’s And Don’ts To Avoid In Marriage

Are you married? If yes then you must know the importance of marriage. Being married means two lives are complementing each other in all their ups and downs. When you get your life partner the life becomes great but still, there are too many lessons you have to learn during the journey to make your marriage successful.

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Here are some tips that what you can do and what you don't to make your marriage happier than ever.

1. The love language of your partner

Everyone has their own way of showing their love and care. Yours way may be different than your partner; he may exhibit it with words of support and appreciation or with touch and care or even with surprises and gifts. We all have a different language of love so try to learn the love language of your partner and use it.
2. Never say bad things about your partner

Never use or say bad things about your partner with your friends or even to your mother. After small disputes try to sort out the matter with each other and don’t share the words with your acquaintances as after the matter you will forget and forgive each other but your mother and friends don’t. The result will surely be made the image of your partner negative in their eyes and they treat them in the same way.
First, try to solve the matter with each other and if seriously, the things are not working then consult the family psychologists.

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3. Never insult your spouse

If sometimes you can’t control your emotions and bad words are striking your mind than try to ‘stop’ yourself but never insult him/her. Take a deep breath and go in some fresh air for a walk. Remember don’t punish your spouse with isolation. So when you calmed down, return to the conversation and find the solution of your problems.
4. Never, ever use the word Divorce

Never talk about leaving him or divorce. If can’t avoid these phrases then be ready to face the lawyer. Don’t crawl back to your partner later to apologize. Your spouse probably instantly says OK, Leave!
These words turn the person in anger and impossible to forget. Even if, for the first time you make up but it will only make the situation worse for the next time.
5. Forgive each other

We all make mistakes as no one is perfect. Any relationship brings some confusions and misunderstandings between partners. So don’t stretch the matter too much otherwise rubber band (relationship) will break under the burden.
6. Husband/Wife is on priority 1 then Kids

Don’t sacrifice your marriage for parenthood. Obviously, parenting is selfless care of your children but don’t forget your love. A couple is the center of the family, the day will come when your child grows and leave the house then you two left and find yourself on the common ground. So don’t do the things that will leave nothing in your relationship.
7. Take care of yourself

Yeah, it is true that sex is an important part of the marriage. Everyone attracts towards the attractive. Stay healthy and take care of yourself. See yourself in the mirror and think about how you want to see yourself in front of your partner. Say a big No to the oversized clothes and a big Yes to the comfy and sexy loungewear.
8. Respect each other

Mutual respect is the backbone of a happy marriage. Even when you’re not happy, express yourself through the prism of respect. Respect permits you to avoid circumstances where one of the partners accepts that the other half is wielding and putting a burden on them.

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