Life in a Military Base from the diary of military Brat

I am a military brat
My home is nowhere and
my friends are everywhere. 

Everyone who comes across military brat as a classmate, friend or neighbor has a curiosity to know how their life is in Military base. So, come along with me to know the same.

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Growing up as a military brat is a great background in itself. You gain knowledge of almost everything in your life, from tradition to food, unity and an aura of being different from the rest attributed as 'civilians'. The vast step in a military brat's life comes when she or he decides to step out of the 'defense' surroundings and step into the civilian environment for higher studies.

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Here we are sharing some of the stories that may surprise you because as a child of military brat there is never a dull moment in their life.

1. Rather than postings! We go on vacations also!

So the folks, who think that we roam the country only because of our postings, should understand that we do go out for holidays on our own! Our dads get holidays for around 90 days in a year and we do use them to chill ourselves and explore the outside sphere, around our posting. When posted in Coimbatore, you can easily find us vacationing in Bangalore, Andaman and the whole of the south!

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2.  Yes! Our buses are coolest than any other school bus...

No matter how erratic civilians be about our school buses, our ‘shaktimans’ are the coolest one can opt for in the school days. That feeling of sitting in the enormous, hundred-tonne metal coach with the friends of the same mentality is an adventure in itself. The flickering tarpaulin adds the magic of the ride. ‘Shaktiman’ makes us determined and yes it is enjoyable.

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3. Firing doesn't mean 'actual firing' 

Next time when you hear ‘firing or attack’ from one of your friend of military background, understand the fact that he is not talking of an actual mission. It is a routine exercise that is carried out as a drill that can be helpful in difficult times. It is just a practice to enhance their skills to maintain a secured and safe environment.

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4. Yes, we mingle in seconds!!

No military brat is introvert. From childhood to our 20’s we get shifted around 6-7 times, our neighbor gets change many times, school changes, city changes, we meet hundreds of people, teachers, friends everything gets changes time to time and first we adjust and then we learn that art of adopting the changes in better and best ways. We experience different folks like Japanese do and that helps them to live longer and happier.

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5. Do you have any best friends? Like from a nursery?

Friendship is the most emotional topic of our lives and yes I agree that it is very difficult to keep one constant friend throughout your nursery, some accomplish. Now in the age of the Internet, mobiles and social platforms, it is easy to be in touch with our prior school’s best friend! So stop asking such archaic questions.

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6. We have fit body coz we are of defense background

Yes, it is a myth. All army kids are not always slim-trim and those who are fit, it’s not because of their father’s profession! Nobody compels us to do exercise but yes our dads run 50 miles with the heavy bags on their backs. We know how to take care of ourselves and be fit as our cants and units have large grounds and exercising area, long footpaths for walking, we get to play a lot outdoors resulting to our fitness that ultimately boosts our immunity that helps to fight all odds. 

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7. Your family must be very strict, right?

Yes, we agree our dads get up around 5 am, they go out for month-long training and cadets in defense academies are trained rocklike, but that totally does not mean we are destitute of having a fun life! Our parents are the coolest and give us a great amount of independence. They allow us to go to the parties, give us our privacy from a very early age and no, they do not compel us to wake up at 5 and go for a jog! This entire idea that ‘parents from the military are strict’ is a hoax.

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8. Army Kids! Do your dads have his personal gun?

Okay, I agree that as our dads have their training with real armaments and get to experience a lot of them while having an exercise in our unit premises. But this doesn’t give our dads permission to keep a dangerous weapon in a home!

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9. We are calm, believe in peace and two-way conversation

As we know the sufferings of our family when we see our dads doing their duty on borders of Siachin or Pakistan and the pain of hearing news of an attack on borders. We understand the value of peace more than civilian and politicians. We believe in democracy and solutions through talks.

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