Crazy tech of 2019 is foldable phones – see how it works

As smartphone technology chase new solutions to accommodate bigger and better resolution screens, the foldable smartphones turn into an imminent answer. We have been talking about these Foldable phones tech for many years now, but, now the time has come that they have gone mainstream.

Actually, the development of flexible screens started 6 years ago and on the name of flexible it only has curved edges but now the super remarkable tech is coming that provides actual folding of the phone screens.
How it works: It is based on flexible display technology that is fabricated around OLED screens. In the OLED screen is all about the pixels, the light-emitting and display of an image all happen on the screen itself, unlike LCD screen in which all functioning is dependent on the glass base. So all LEDs are fabricated on the screen rather than on glass and projecting through the glass pane.
OLED screen technology is being printed on the thin layer of plastic that made the flexible displays foldable. When you have a thin layer of plastic you can fold it or bend in different shapes you want.
How it is different: Unlike iPhone X that is bent only at the edges and iPhone claims that it has a flexible display, the remarkable property of OLED flexible screens is that you can literally fold in half of the display part. If you fold up you can see a smaller part and on unfolding it you can see the larger screen.
Cost:  It is coming in Galaxy Fold Phone which has a larger OLED screen that costs approx $2000.
Interesting Features: The most amazing part is there is not any glass pane on the top of the phone. So while touching the screen you are literally touching the screen itself, the OLED display.
Disadvantages: Some concerns that that screen might be flawed or scratched more easily. Another potential problem that you can have is that the screen could be flubbed from multiple folds.
The designs right now are fairly cumbersome. They don't mandatorily appeal to all. But I think over time you're going to see an enhancement in designs; the prices come down, and this becomes a much more mass-marketed device. And so I think finally you could see these becoming the mainstream smartphone.
Apart from Apple, LG and OnePlus, all major Smartphone makers are likely to release foldable phones in 2020. Samsung Senior VP Hark-sang Kim trusts their Infinity Flex Display will be prospective for reimagining the smartphone tech.
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