7 modern royalty of Contemporary India

Golden Bird (sone ki chiriya), India has been administered by Maharajas and Nawabs for a protracted duration. The kings or the rulers enjoyed a very great life in their magnificent palaces and forts. Indian royal folks had everything which we as a commoner only imagine. But with the change and after independence a lot of things have been changed means some rulers lost their powers and some faced difficult times. But still, in the 21st century, some royal families are enjoying the best of both worlds i.e living in royal havelis with modern lifestyle.
Take a look at the life of heirs of royal families whose lifestyle are still glorious but with a modern touch. Here is the list:
1. The royal family of Rajkot: Yuvraj Mandhatasingh Jadeja is the heir of the royal family. He is a business-oriented person. Unlike other royal families who are converting their palaces in hotels, he invested 100 crore rupees in biofuel development and hydropower plants to extend his business. The royal eatery is his new venture of food and beverages. Other than this he signed a pact to open 20 outlets of US pizza across Gujarat.
2. The royal family of Jodhpur: Umaid Bhawan of Jodhpur - world’s largest private residence. Shivranjani Rajye, the only daughter of Maharaj Gaj Singh II is the proud owner of this royal property. A part of the palace is maintained by the Taj Groups as a heritage hotel in partnership with the princess’s family.
3. Gaekwad dynasty, Vadodara: Amarjit Singh Gaekwad after being crowned as the Gaekwad of Baroda became the owner of the total property of 20k crore. He also takes over the imperial Laxmi Vilas Palace magnificently built in the area of 600 acres and have 187 rooms. With this, he is the owner of 2k acre land in the industrial real estate. Interestingly he himself gifted a golf course in the palace.
4. The royal family of Bikaner: Princess Rajshree Kumari is the present heir of the dynasty of the Bikaner. She is not only famous because of her royal background she filed her name in shooting and got the Arjuna award. She is the chairperson of a lot of charitable trusts in Rajasthan and also the owner of the glorious palace and heritage hotel Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner.

5. The royal family of Alsisar, Jaipur: Abhimanyu Singh is the current heir of the royal Alsisar family. He is also popular as Raja of Khetri. The ‘Prince’ is a lavish hotelier, husband, marathon runner and co-planner of India’s hippest music festival, Magnetic Fields. With this, he brought EDM(electronic dance music) to India. He owns a haveli in Jaipur and in Ranthambore under the name of his family.
6. Wadiyar Dynasty, Mysore: The Only dynasty of India that ruled for more than 500 years and Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar is the current Maharaja of Mysore and the head of the dynasty. He is the owner of 10k crore property, apparently.
7. Sisodia Dynasty, Mewar: Rana Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar is ruling the kingdom with utmost grandeur. He is the 76th custodian of the dynasty. The family has many heritage hotels, resorts, charitable organizations and much more under the name of the family. Mewar dynasty has the staff of 1200 people with which it maintains its dignity. Glorious Jag Mandir palace on the Pichola lake is also counted in one of the best properties of Sisodia Dynasty.

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