14 viral pictures that captured hilarious coincidences in real life

Many coincidences occur in our lives every day but sometimes we don't notice it and sometimes we are unable to capture it. But, here in this article, we will show you some amazing pictures captured at amazing times.

1. A dog is floating in the bubble
In reality, this was just a cute video of a dog having fun with bubbles. But when put on pause at the right moment, it looks like Dog is floating inside a bubble.
2. Both are equally excited to meet each other
A beluga whale and a young aquarium buff couldn't hide their mutual incitement at meeting each other. If only we could all meet each other this way.

3. Miss Jaded from the UK captured this amazing shot at the perfect time.
This bird could be flying at the same speed as those planes, and even has the contrail to demonstrate it.

4. The advertisement on the truck matches almost perfectly with its real-life surroundings.
Gazing at the back of the truck in front of you can be a boring gig - unless you notice the world around you lining up impeccably like Redditor Tomboski captured.

5. Before you freak out - no, there is not a new human-horse hybrid roaming the streets.
This man's head is just completely ulterior by his horses. But wouldn't it be cool if there was?

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6. Spitting image of an elephant!
Elephant sanctuaries are a famous way to safely interact with elephants. When these travelers helped cool off this gentle giant, the water they were throwing on it strangely fell in the same shape as the animal.

7. The moon became the 6th Olympic ring.
The Olympic rings are an emblematic symbol around the world. But the rings experienced a little celestial help when the moon remarkably lined up with them.

8. These two strangers on Facebook's "People You May Know" feature completed each other's profile pictures.
While Facebook's "People You May Know" feature is decidedly eerie, it also works in surprising ways. Samir Francois shared a screenshot on Reddit, showing that Facebook maybe could see that these two strangers' profile pictures would complete the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

9. A passenger snapped a photo of what looks like the same man taking a nap on three different seats in three different consecutive rows.
The photo was shared to the Mildly Interesting thread on Reddit.

10. This dog's ear looks exactly like its face.
A Redditor posted this photo of their dog, whose ear looks exceptionally like its face - though not everyone was able to see the optical illusion.

11. Almost identical to the little boy in the story.
This little boy found his doppelgänger while reading with his mom. A Reddit user posted this pic of her son Julian with a book she was reading to him because she noticed that he was looking identical to the boy in the book.

12. This motorcycle engine is giving some serious side-eye action.
A Reddit user posts a photo of their motorcycle's engine, only to observe that it looks like it has a face and that it doesn't seem to be happy.

13. No, this guy's not actually balancing a car on his head.
It is the talent of the photographer to snap this Saudi man taking a selfie while his friends did what is called "sidewall skiing" - driving on two wheels.
Amazingly, the photographer was able to shoot the selfie-taker appearing to "balance" the car on his head.

14. This is just confirmation that Taylor Swift is everywhere.
This picture is taken from twitter from the page of Taylor Swift fan who noticed that two trucks in front of him had aligned to form his favorite pop star's name - Taylor Swift herself.

I hope you have enjoyed this and do share if you too have such amazing pictures.

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