11 Absolutely Creative Family Portraits You Can Shoot

People from the family are those who are always your side through all your ups and downs, wax and wanes. But there comes a day when we have to stand on your feet, be independent, move out for studies or work and build our own family. So, before leaving make an amazing family portrait that will remind you that your family is always with you.
To make your family portrait special, do something out of the ordinary, one will crack a smile when it is looked at.
To inspire you to make memorable family portraits, check the list of 11 awesome family portraits:
1. Bold Family Portrait: Isn’t this family portrait too badass? Ready yourself, select the studio and get this amazing portrait.
2. Coming Soon: Take a family portrait even though the adored one is still in the womb? A clever blend of vector shape and vivid typography will do!
3. Family Dog: This is an entertaining way to put the family pet into the picture. Well, it’s comical for everyone except dad, I guess.
4. Composite Family Portrait: A magic gag. This is the photo that will make guest keep asking you how you did it, whenever they visit your home.
5. Power Puff Girl: It is the magic of Photoshop, a series of images are edit and this amazing picture is obtained.
6. Family Gallery: A father holding a portrayal of a mother holding a portrayal of a daughter, I just love this Inception-inspired trick!
7. Family Ties: A simple and adorable photo that one want to stare it continuously. It’s a must-shoot for the clan!
8. Happy Father’s Day: Kiss attack! This is a wonderful shot for fathers with loads of love from his angels in the house.
9. My Family and I: They all sure look alike, and the continuity reiterate their similarities.
10. The sum is 4: 2+2= 4! Math has never looked so sweet than with this family portrait.

11. The Combs Family: Only if you can hold your children snug, then this is the funniest memory you can shoot in a portrait!

Creative family portraits take much time to set up than regular ones, but you will be amazed at the outcome that will always put you in a good mood no matter when you revisit them.
Time for sharing! Have you ever done a cool portrait with your loved ones? Which one is your favorite among these showcase pieces? Share with us!

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