10 One day road trips from Delhi to take with your BFFs

So if you are a travel enthusiast and every morning wakes up with the sight of an alluring long trip away from the chaos of daily life in the lap of nature or to see the magnificent history then these 10 exhilarating and rejuvenating one-day road trips from Delhi are just for you.

 1. Road trip to Damdama Lake

Hailing from the south and want to enjoy the vast expanses of water? With no beaches or waterfalls within your reach, Delhi may seem too odd and monotonous entity until you find the tranquil lakes (sans the overloaded Hauz Khas Lake). Damdama Lake is a great alternative and one of the best places to visit near Delhi for a day!
It has an abundance of adventure and eco-resorts in its environs and makes a perfect destination for a one-day getaway for anyone. In case you fall in love with the surroundings, you should stay at The Dream Island Resort
Distance: 60 km
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Best time to visit: February to March and July to September

 2. Road trip to Murthal

The first place that hits my mind when it comes to road trips nearby Delhi has to be Murthal! A long drive across the engaged yet wide roads of Delhi, while the cool wind caresses you and the stomach is inclined to a gastronomic ride, you know your destination has to be Murthal.
Indulge in the appetizing butter loaded stuffed kulchas & parathas on the roadside dhabas which are over 50 years old. If you’re a foodie, this will be the best one day trip from Delhi that you can ever take!
Distance: 60 km
Time: 1 hour 30 Minutes
Best time to visit: Year-round

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 3. Road trip to Neemrana Fort Palace

 Well, Neemrana is one of the best amorous one-day getaways from Delhi. If you want to spend quality time with your partner - Neemrana is the place for you! The drive on NH-8 is a refreshing one, however, in monsoons, it gets extremely romantic with rich vegetation on the rocky hills dotting the sides of the highway. Give a call to your partner, take a break from the city life and enjoy for a while.
Distance: 120 km
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Best time to visit: July to March

 4. Road trip to Parwanoo

 Though not so near to Delhi, a road trip to the foothills of Himalayas is alluring enough for a visit to Parwanoo. A riveting journey along the wide roads which lead to the luscious green hills with pleasing weather and scenic glimpses is worth experiencing in the hot summers or the pre/post-monsoon seasons.
Take a cable car ride at the Timber trail resort to the cap of the hill and dine at their restaurant offering a euphoric view of the valley. This is a superb getaway with friends or your love!
Distance: 270 km
Time: 6 hours
Best time to visit: Year-round

 5. Road trip to Bharatpur

 A gaudy ride on NH2, the Agra-Jaipur highway takes you to a small town and baffling roads until the locals guide you to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the Keoladeo National Park. The entrance might not attract you initially because of the abandoned look & feel, but the core of the jungle will leave you amazed.
Park your car inside and traverse the sanctuary on a rickshaw ride worth Rs.70. The rickshaw puller doubles up as a guide, spotting birds and giving all the information about them.
Visit the temple and carry some wheat flour along. Wondering why? Let the Pujari throw balls of atta into the pond next to the temple and see hundreds of healthy turtles come out for food.
Distance: 182 km
Time: 3 hours 40 minutes
Best time to visit: August to November (Breeding Birds) | October to February (Migratory Birds)
Tip: Early morning visit is highly recommended.

 6. Road trip to Unchagaon

For an imperial heritage getaway in Uttar Pradesh, head to the 19th century Fort Unchagaon – an excellent destination for a rural experience. The fort is situated close to the river Ganga and is encircled by lush gardens all around. Doesn’t it attract you?
See Gangetic dolphins enjoying the waters of river Ganges while you relax away from the city. The fort offers compelling activities like billiards, squash, pony rides, village safari, bullock cart ride & pottery making by local artisans.
Distance: 117 km
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Best time to visit: April to May to spot dolphins

 7. Road Trip to Mathura And Vrindavan

For those seeking peace in the temples & spirituality in the air must-visit Mathura-Vrindavan. These epic areas hold a vital historical reference being the birthplace of Lord Krishna & invite each tourist with a warm environment. Sing along the holy chants with the devotees and return back with wonderful memories of the city.
Distance: 144 km
Time: 3 hours
Best time to visit: October to March; especially during Holi

 8. Road Trip to The Taj, Agra

 This is the astonishing road trip near Delhi on the newly built Yamuna Expressway leads to the city of Love – Agra. Grand roads, a glance to the F1 race tracks and some good music is all you need for this extreme drive. There have been many accidents on the expressway thus, be very cautious with your speed limit.
But the Taj Mahal is not the only reason you should visit this city. There are various outlets on the way serving refreshments and try the famous – Agra ka petha on your trip.
Distance: 202 km
Time: 3 hours 40 minutes
Best time to visit: November to March; especially at the time of Taj Balloon Festival in November and Taj Mahotsav in February

 9. Road Trip to Sariska National Park, Alwar

 For those looking for an uncluttered yet adventurous getaway, drive to Alwar. The princely city caters to an experience of architectural grandiosity and heritage hotels.
Further ahead lays one of the most famous Tiger reserves – Sariska, having many endangered species.
Tip: Leave early morning and you reach Sariska by 7 am. The earlier you reach and cover tiger reserve you can go and visit one of the most haunted places of India nearby – Bhangarh!
Distance: 157 km
Time: 4 hours
Best time to visit: February to March

 10. Road Trip to Jaipur

 When it comes to places around Delhi, Jaipur comes in the list of must-visit places! The amusing thing is the drive along the Aravallis, peacock glimpses on the highway, and the alluring bright turbans visible from a distance.
The city has many superb hangouts but for a true Rajasthani culture go straight to Chowki Dhani about 22 km before the Jaipur city.
Distance: 269 km
Time: 5 hours 30 minutes
Best time to visit: November to February

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