WORLD THEATRE DAY - A theatre is a reflection of our society.

WORLD THEATRE DAY - A theatre is a shadow of society

The lights dim and the audience becalm. As the curtain rises, months of preparation come to actualization, and a story comes to life. World Theatre Day observes the importance of theatre arts as it lingers to move, entertain, teach and change us.
Encourage local theatre by responding to calls for auditions, stage backing, fundraising and attending programmes. Use #WorldTheatreDay to share on social platforms.
World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27th. The International Theatre Institute created the day in 1961, and every year their message is spread across stages around the world through dramatic presentations.
It's a day to recognize and praise the amazing world of theatre and its artists who bring life to characters and presented a piece of reality from an elevated platform. The play linked us and makes us a part of it.

Here are some powerful quotes by famous personalities:

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