What makes Delhi, DELHI!- Dilwalo ki dilli

Delhi, the capital and probably the best city of the country in terms standard, career opportunities and you can notice the diversity in unity here. It is the culture of Delhi which makes it Dilwalo Ki Dilli as people are great who mingles and helps new people to adjust. 

Here are we are sharing it best characteristics that makes it famous worldwide:

1. The people

Delhi, India’s capital and you can say it is Mini India that showcases India excellently. It is 1,484 km sq by area and its population of 1.9 crores includes people of all religions and cultures. It has something in the air that folks live happily with each other and enjoy the beauty of each culture(might be that’s the reason it is called Dilwalo ki Dilli).
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2. Various Flavours – Food

Dilliwalas are so pleased with this one!  One can have everything in Delhi from Chinese to North Indian or French to Thai and South India and American and Italian and street momos are so famous.  Delhi can serve you anything you name from vegan to gluten-free and healthy to not-so-healthy foods. Delhi has some of its own stupid versions of these cuisines as well, that taste AMAZING!! 
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3. Cheap Thrills – Shopping

The sparkling atmosphere of Delhi markets can make shopping for lots of fun. De facto, Delhi has the best markets in India, trading a huge array of items including handicrafts from all over the nation. These best markets in Delhi are a collection of goods waiting to be discovered. (Visit Sarojini Nagar or Janpath for Clothes, And Daryaganj for BOOKS!)

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4. Good public transport- DTC(AC/Non AC) or METRO or E-rickshaw or Auto

More than half of the population of Delhi is dependent on local transport as in Delhi the traffic is worse and for private vehicles, there is not space on roads. Metro system is very efficient for daily travelers.

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5. Forts and Monuments

यादगार दीवारें , मस्जिद - मंदिर साथ है।
निशानियां तो है इतनी की घूमते रह जाओगे!

Delhi has witnessed the rise and fall of various empires from time to time. Many rulers left their footprints on their land in the form of marvelous structures. There is a long list of tourist attractions like Jantar Mantar, Red Fort and many more.
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If you have not visited Delhi you will surely regret it. Just don’t hit like on pictures of Delhi uploaded by your friends. Go and enjoy the calmness on the Yamuna Ghat amidst the chirping sound of birds, realize the beauty of forts and enjoy the flavors.

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