Travel Tips for Your First International Vacation

More and more folks are making the opinion to travel foreign, based on the booming in passport applications seen in recent years. In 2011, around 12.6 million passports were issued, and in 2018, that count reached 21.1 million, according to the report of U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. If you’re one of those millions who is planning on taking an international vacation for the first time, these travel tips will help you for sure:


If you had the experience of flights you are aware of the pain going through the security checks. In some countries, there is a rule of second security checks by the airports. So be prepared for those and always allows extra time for going through security, specifically when taking an international flight.


Obviously, you have to carry your original passports with you but it’s also significant to keep several copies of it. Leave one copy at home with someone you trust and keep a soft copy on your email that can be accessed anywhere. Just in case, somehow your passport is lost or stolen you can use its copy that will help you to get back your country or prove your identity.


If you’re planning your expedition to a country where English isn’t the basic language, be sure to read and learn a few of the basics of the language of the place you are going to. At least you should know how to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, counting up to 10 will help you to negotiate, ‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’ can help you to maintain good relations and for other words, you can use Google translator.


Contact your bank and/or credit card providers before you leave if you’ll be using your debit card and/or credit cards while overseas. It’s mandatory to inform them of your travel plans as banks often think that the fraud is occurring if transactions suddenly occur when you’re in Paris when you’re from India, for example. You’ll also want to make sure the cards you have will work in the country you’re visiting. Keep some cash in your hand also to avoid instant problems.

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