Mumbai: The City of Magic and Madness

Mumbai is a marvelous paradox of hope and chaos, magic and madness. Where the changing oddity of India has been accomplished most intensely. 
From Gandhi’s arrival from England in 1915 to the protests against the Simon Commission in 1928, Bombay, now Mumbai has been a roof to many key events of the freedom struggle. 

The City: Then and Now

Mumbai has a long provincial past-handed over from Dutch imperialists to British. There was a time when public statements, singing of songs, playing of music, the exposition of pictures and placards were considered a crime by law. 
The colonial government would conjure their commodious powers to swing lathis and point their guns at innocent people. 

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Today, Mumbai is a melting pot of lifestyles and diverse cultures. It absorbs everything in its fiber and enacts it's own. From Portuguese and European dwellers who emigrated to the city years ago to struggling actors wishing to make it big; from Bollywood superstars and big tycoons to slum dwellers and tribes of fishermen-the city blusters of stories from all walks of human existence. Mumbai is one of the hubs of culture, art, theatre, dance and music in India all compelled by the invincible spirit of Mumbaikars.

Don’t leave Mumbai before You:


Wandering along Marine Drive: 
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Walk down the deck at night to absorb in the hundreds of dazzling street lights that form the ‘Queen’s Necklace’ or sit by the littoral to hear the growling sea.

Take a tour around the city:
The city is lushed in heritage and architecture, with some of the most marvelous buildings dotting the curious lanes. Lose yourself in this alluring world as you walk through the pages of history!
Experience the nightlife: From hole-in-the-wall beer bars, lounges, happening nightclubs to in chi theatres, live-music spaces, and art galleries-Mumbai is the center of India’s nightlife.


The Street Food: Pav bhaji, Vada Pav, BhajiasPani PuriSev PuriDahi PuriKala  Khatta – Mumbai is a buff delight. Enjoy the layers of colors, textures; flavors melt in your mouth in dishes that are very light on your pocket!
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An ultimate Maharashtrian meal: Make sure you tickle your taste buds with Thaali Peeth (a multigrain pancake), Kandha Pohe (flattened rice nibbles), Sabudana Vada (sago and potato fritter flecked with roasted peanuts), Miand Kothimbir Vadi (coriander leaf and gram flour fritters).


Colaba Causeway: Junk jewelry, posters, artifacts, knick-knacks and anything else you can imagine is sold here.
Linking Road, Bandra: Shoes, junk jewelry, bags and clothes. From designer brands to A-grade imitations off the street—Linking Road has it all.
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How to Reach

Mumbai is easily accessible through flights and railways. In city, it is best to use local to avoid traffic and save time. Cabs and auto are easily available but if you used that it is cent percent possible that you will be stuck in traffic. If you are using cabs, then it is a must to check traffic and try to travel in morning or late at night.

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