Mission Shakti: India gets the anti-satellite capability to become space superpower

"The mission was achieved within 3 minutes and shattered a low-earth orbiting satellite some 300 km distant in the sky"
India on Wednesday evolves as "a space superpower" by becoming the fourth country to have anti-satellite competence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Wednesday, calling it "a proud moment".
"Our scientists, a little while ago, have marked a live satellite in space 300 km away revolving in low earth orbit," he said in a nationally televised speech.
"The hook-up target was destroyed by the A-SAT in only three minutes. With this, India has ingrained itself as a space superpower.
"Mission Shakti was a challenging operation but a great success," the Prime Minister added.
The operation muddled a complicated space maneuver, Modi said.
Only the US, Russia and China possessed the technology until the present, he added.
He said that the mission did not break any international law, Modi said: "This is a proud juncture for the country. Our scientists have made this possible.
"This new technology is not against any country or anyone. It is only for the progress and development of India. We are only accomplishing it for our safety and protection.
"Our aim is to sustain peace and not evolve a war-like situation," the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

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