Holi celebrations of these 5 destinations makes the India vibrant

Holi is definitely a unique festival which is cherished by people of India and by people across the entire globe. An enthusiastic yet the colorful celebration of Holi is of many legends, folklores and idols that is associated with it. The festival of Holi is referred as much by worship, religious fever as it is with classical dances, loud music and of course a forceful smattering of Holi Gulaal or ‘Abeer’ on faces of loved ones. It is amusing to notice that in India the Holi celebrations in various cities and states follow uncommon traditions and customs that are very different from each other. The top 5 destinations where Holi is not only a festival of colors but yes an amalgamation of devotion and tradition.
Krishna Leela at MATHURA & VRINDAVAN
The most momentous place for Holi celebration in India is in Mathura city. It is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan where he was grown. Unlike Holi celebration in remaining parts of the country, Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan is associated with Lord Krishna, the supreme deity. It is being presumed by the people in these cities that Holi is an initiative of Lord Krishna. Krishna Leela or Raas Leela which is the famous dramatization of Krishna courting beautiful Goddess Radha that is characterized in a Play and people shower flowers and dry colors on one another with loud hymns of ‘Radhe Radhe’.
Lath Maar Holi in BARSANE
There is a small town near Mathura i.e Barsane which is popular for its unique Holi celebration. It is called as Lath Maar Holi. Here Lath refers to bamboo stick that is used by the women. The act of coloring one another in Barsane is taken in very flirtatious form. Men chase towards women to deluge them in colored water and in order to protect women use these handy laths to batter men.
Carnival of Colors at GOA
In Goa, Holi is enjoyed as Shigmotsav and is basically a kind of amalgamation between Holi, the festival of colors and full-fledged carnival. Shigmotsav in Goa is celebrated over the whole fortnight. The grand finale of the festival muddles folk dances, colorful parades and which is arranged by the local people of Goa. People of each religion and stages of life celebrate the festival by coming together and drenching each other in watercolors.
A Cultural Celebration in SHANTINIKETAN
Shantiniketan university town, located at 180kms away from Kolkata and is related with Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore, adds a colorful and artistic touch to Holi celebration. It’s a cultural spectacle that is also known Vasant Utsav where students perform cultural performances, plays, dance shows and all works associated Rabindra Nath Tagore. This cultural activity is then accompanied by a joyous playing of Holi with colors (Gulaal).
Elephant Festival and Holi in JAIPUR
In Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, Holi is simply a splendid celebration with well known Elephant Festival that takes place a day before the Holi. In the festival, Elephants are led in the heroic procession that is taken across the streets of Jaipur. Further activities for example elephant polo, tug of war and elephant races organized in the festival celebration. Later the celebration comes to an end with the playing of colors and an amazing firework display.

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