Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Now Available for Google Home, Smart Displays, and Some Smart Speakers

At CES – Consumer Electronics Show 2019 held in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, the United States in which Google announced Interpreter Mode for Google Assistant. This is the new feature based on artificial intelligence (AI) that allows users to transcribe speech in real-time betwixt supported languages – the first speaker can deliver in the user’s native language and then voice assistant convert it to required or instructed language that can be understood by the user. Interpreter mode is now mounting out on a wider scale for preferred devices including Google Home speakers, Smart Displays, smart speakers with Google Assistant support.
Enjoyer with Google Home speakers and other products will be able to enjoy a special feature TRY IT NOW. This function can be started by briefing Google Assistant to execute as an interpreter with the help of a variety of commands for example ‘Ok Google, be my Spanish interpreter’ or ‘Help me speak Italian’.
The beginning instruction must be in one of the six languages – French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. However, the translator can work in among any of the 26 languages supported. In active mode, the mode instantaneously translates the spoken language and read out the translated version for the user. When you want to switch off the interpreter mode you can do with another voice command.
The special feature is made on top of Google Translate, which has greatly upgraded over the years.

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