19 for 2019: Push yourself and get started

1. Stop overthinking
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Thinking and analyzing the matters is good but do it to an extreme extent.
2. Do a no-spend challenge
It’s easy to expend money without realizing it, whether it’s in your account or not. When you the statements of your credit card ask yourself how many of those things did you genuinely need the second you bought them?
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I like doing a no-spend challenge because it makes me more careful about my purchases. A no-spend challenge cuts out all non-required spending for a month.
3. Nurture a living thing
There’s something really amazing about being able to keep something alive. If you’re not willing to commit to a pet then a plant is also a good option. Whether it’s a plant or a pet, they will be relying on you to keep them blooming.
4. Organize all the things you have
None of us are invulnerable to building up clutter. A heap of mail here, a bundle of returns there, a wardrobe completely full of things you just don’t know what to do with — before you know it, these things are taking over your space.
This clutter isn’t good for your mental health, creativity, and even physical fitness. While decluttering will definitely change your life, giving everything you keep in your home a place will keep you more systematized. When everything has a proper place, you’ll always know where to find the required one.
It will also make your arena a calmer environment which in turn, will make you more at tranquillity in your own space. Sculpt out time to go through each area of your home and get free of the clutter.
5. Take one self-grooming course.
It’s always an objective of ours to grow as a person. And part of that growth is to continue training. Invest time on yourself by taking a course that focuses particularly on personal growth. It could be on that fascinates you or required for you from leadership, public speaking, to language learning. There are so many options!
6. Aim for less daily screen time
At the time I’m writing this article, my average daily screen time is 3 hours and 53 minutes each day or 27 hours and 11 minutes per week. That’s over a day per week I am consuming looking at my phone. And the maximum of that is spent on social media, for me at least. If you are also doing the same try to use your Smartphone smartly and cut that time to half by the end of 2019.
7. Discuss a raise
In order to create more money, you have to ask for it. The truth is that the maximum of your earnings growth takes place during your first decade of work. If you are beyond the bounds that it’s not too late for you. But it is the exact time to start asking for what you’re worth.
This might take you some time to accumulate the appropriate information and huddle the nerve, but start to get a raise and promotion. And if your present company isn’t encouraging you to grow and develop, it might be time to leave.
8. Open an investment account
Investing isn’t as difficult as it seems, but is certainly something you should be doing! Whether or not it’s a good plan for you to invest right now, it is your own financial constraint.
9. End one relationship that drains you
We all have relationships that take more from us than what we have to give. I bet at least one particular person or commitment came to your mind just immediately as you read this. This is the year you need to dissociate yourself from that person, place or commitment.
10. Save 5% extra money than you did the previous year
Going over your financial plan, how did you do last year? Always set financial goals no matter how much you earn or how much dues you have. In comparison to the previous year, how did you pile up to your savings goal? Whether you achieve that goal or not, take the number that you had saved and add five percent. That’s your actual savings goal for this year.
11. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day
We all forget to drink water when we are busy in the daily fuss of the office but on a serious note, you should drink at least 8 glasses daily.
12. Read 24 books
If one book a month seems too easy for you, push yourself and make it to two! Mix up your genres to keep it compelling. Make at least one of them a book that frightens you.
13. Go somewhere you’ve never been before.
Traveling exposed us up to new people and new experiences. In turn, these things give us a new outlook on life and can teach us important lessons we otherwise never would have learned something new. It doesn’t have to be a new country just go somewhere you have never been a small town hundred miles away from your place, new city, state or country.
14. Go to all of your doctor’s appointments.
Take the primary care of eyes, teeth, hairs, etc and keep a track record of your health. This track record will be valuable as we are getting older. Not to mention, you’ll be able to grasp any potential health issues sooner.
15. Treat yourself to something special each month.
Enjoy your life and treat yourself with something you really fascinates you body massage, a treat from your favorite local pastry shop, hiking a new aisle, hiring a cleaning service, going fishing, a new pair of sandals, a fancy candle or perfume. Whatever makes you feel compassionate.
16. Donate regularly to a cause you care about.
Whether it’s your money, time or skills make this the year you begin to truly engross yourself in a cause that is close to your heart.
17. Run a 5kms with friends
Get a group of friends together and make a deal for a 5kms! Being active is not only best for your health, but it’s a less expensive way to also prosper your friendships. Rather than going out for a party, meet up to take a jog in the park. You’ll get to expend time together and also stay in shape. Can’t beat that!
18. Practice patience and kindness.
I know, I know being patient is simpler to say than done. It’s difficult to wait in a world where we’re used to getting everything right now. Rather than rushing through day to day life, take time out of your day to enjoy today. Slow down, rest, and find peaceful moments every day to breathe deeply and enjoy where you are at present.
19. Begin plans for 2020
Make a list of Do's and Don'ts

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