16 reasons that make you a 'jhakaas Mumbaikar'!

Mumbai is not a city; it is a movie played in a fast forward mode with some astonishing Bollywood background total. It is the city that keeps you awakens with it's 1 M unique stories at 2 am.
If you are born and brought up in ‘Aamchi Mumbai’, you have seen and borne it all, you have cried with the people in times of gloom and woken up the next morning, to well, just another day in the city of dreams.

If you are in any different part of the city at this moment, hearing to A.R Rehman's composition of ‘bombay’, imbibing coffee but longing for some ‘cutting chai’ then following 17 things will resonate with the loyal Mumbaikar in you:
1. Linking road is your wardrobe
You don’t really get why shopping is a squabble for so many people because you have the solution for a dying wardrobe; the ever-colorful linking road, Lokhandwala market, Colaba causeway and fashion street are always ready to help you when you are hit with the shoppers' bug.

2. You are the calm one in the local train
The ample sea of people, the dizzy chugging sound of the wheels, the balmy air mixed with dust and wafts of smoke make you feel right at home as you wait for your local; also known as the lifeline of Mumbai. You let the people take you where you need to go, and the only time you smile is when you see your ‘train-friend’ fighting to get on board the same train.

3. You know your vada pav vendor better than your neighbor
You could travel to every nook and corner in this world, but you will not find vada pav that is as delicious as the ones you get in Mumbai. It does not just lie in the flavor of the snack, but the chattering crowd trying to get a few words out with their mouth stuffed with vada pav, and the vivacious Mumbai sounds. There are a lot of vada pav vendors in this city, but you know your favorite one.

4. Marine drive is your spa
There are lot of small love nests made by the couples, who otherwise flock this place; you simply love the music created by the waves of the sea hitting the rocks- the sound that your ears love to hear. Have a hectic day at work? Did someone hurt your foot while getting on a train? You know where to go to untangle.

5. Your patience level is unlike any other
There is public, there is a crowd and then, there is Mumbai. You do not bat an eyelid towards the women cutting vegetables in your local train, you do not cut the line in any place and you decide to take the auto the next day as well despite the auto drivers denying you every day.
6. Bandra has more stars than the skies above
You would have passed by a popular Bollywood celebrity whilst enjoying golas in the posh, upbeat locales of Bandra, especially carter road and your heart would have just done a tiny flip, but then you bump and continue with your dessert.

7. Your midnight snacks aren’t in the fridge, they are on carter road
You don’t remind the last time your stomach complained in anguish as you gaped at your empty kitchen at 1:00 am, all thanks to the delicious delicacies available on the famous carter road.

8. The lovable P’s: Pani puri and pav bhaji
You make fun of people from other states who claim they have tasted the best pani puri in their home town because let’s face it; you get it all over the country. You let the pani puri wala at girgaum Chowpatty work his fascination and revel in their amazed expressions as they dunk into the aromatic snack. Hungry at work? You hop to the pav bhaji stand nearest to your office for a quick, satisfying meal.

9. Religion: cricket god: Sachin Tendulkar
You were there for every match; you roared with joy at every century, maybe you even wept a little. But no matter how cricket has emerged and changed as a sport in our country, the name Sachin Tendulkar brings a glimmer to your face as you proudly show people the selfie you clicked with him last year at the IPL.

The bun Maska is a dish you adore
There is nothing more tempting than the enticing smell of sweet tea and Maska bun from your favorite Irani café. The ambiance of the café takes you back to your childhood and the berry pulao,sali boti, egg on sali and a lot more to fill your heart as it does your stomach.

11. All trains lead to Virar
You are too friendly with the buzz and heavy rush of people as they tumble in the local trains. You know the term ‘Virar fast’ better than anyone else. You know the effort to enter the coach when the train comes from Virar and the rousing freedom when you see the train at the Virar station.

12. Long weekend? Let’s go to Lonavala!
There is no dull Friday in your time table. There are places to visit at any time on the weekend with your family and friends, the few routine destinations being the best Lonavala, the beaches at Alibag, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, and Malshej ghat. You can visit Pune too.

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13. It’s not south Bombay, its sobo
A new person to Mumbai will look at you curiously when you say your friend is from ‘makabo’; and only you know it indicates to a person who hails from ‘Malad, Kandivali or Borivali.’ a suburb resident is called ‘burbee’ and a south Mumbaikar is a ‘sobo’.

14. You use slang to get your way with anything
You smirk cheekily at the police constable and respectfully call him ‘Bhau or Pandu’ to talk your way out of not wearing a helmet; you say ‘sawaal’ to a friend who applauded you on your new car; you say ‘barabar’ for anything that cheers you up; and of course, you helplessly add ‘ela’ to the end of every sentence that you use. It is a Mumbai thing; not everyone would perceive.

15. Yes, I know Marathi. No, I am not Maharashtrian.
It’s not the issue whether you belong to Bihar or Kerala, if you have lived in Mumbai your whole life, then you know that Marathi carries a brand value that only a true Mumbaikar knows. So, if you are in the station and hear anyone asking ‘pudhchi train kinti mintat?’ you can answer them by saying ‘in the next 5 minutes’.

16. Mumbai monsoons are worth the wait
You have been through the various phases of Mumbai's dramatic rain showers and you wait calmly for it every year. The beginning of June arrives, and while others open their umbrellas, you welcome the rains with true Mumbai pride.

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Being a Mumbaikar is not a simple task. You learn to love the city not for what it has, but for what you make of it. The trains, the ‘ek chaalis ke last local’, the ‘ upvaas ki kachori’, the slangs have thrown around unintentionally, and the Bandra sea link is just some of the few other things that make your chest swell with dignity and make you say ‘yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan’.

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